Quiz: Order a Bunch of Food From Olive Garden and We'll Guess Your Astrological Sign
Order a Bunch of Food From Olive Garden and We'll Guess Your Astrological Sign
By: Ian Fortey
Image: LauriPatterson/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

According to astrology, where the stars and planets were at the time of your birth has a direct effect on your personality, your moods and your very fate in this lifetime.  You fall into a category that governs your destiny, your astrological sign, and knowing about it can help inform and guide you as you get through life.  Some people don't believe in it at all, some just a little and others are 100% behind the idea in every way.  But wherever you fall on that scale, one thing is for certain - lunch at Olive Garden is a good deal.

Now you may not be fully sure how Olive Garden and astrology link up, but hear us out.  If the stars can be used to guide your fate, is it not possible that pasta and unlimited salad can be used to learn about your astrological sign?  It's like reverse engineering your zodiac.  If the stars shape your personality which in turn shapes your desire for marinara sauce or Alfredo, then surely your desire for marinara sauce or Alfredo can be walked all the way back to the stars, right?  It almost makes too much sense.  In any event, if you give us the rundown of your Olive Garden favorites, we will 100% be able to guess your astrological sign when you're done.  Amazing?  Take the quiz and see!

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