Order a Bunch of Food From Olive Garden and We'll Guess Your Age

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About This Quiz

When Olive Garden first opened, they stood out from the crowd by offering people unlimited salad. When that proved to be super popular, they upped the ante with unlimited soup and breadsticks. It was like an entire meal that never had to end! How could it ever hope to get any better? Four words: never-ending pasta bowl. It's like the Italian gift that keeps on giving.

With so much to choose from on the menu, there's probably a little something to appeal to everyone. The menu has evolved into a roadmap that leads right to the soul of the people who eat there. Too much? Alright, maybe it's not that intense. But what would you say if we told you we can guess how old you are based on nothing more than your Olive Garden food choices? It's true! 

Cast your vote for Spicy Calabrian Chicken or Loaded Pasta Chips. Then dive into Lobster Shrimp Mac and Cheese or a 6-ounce Sirloin with Fettuccine Alfredo. Satisfy that Olive Garden craving, and we'll tally up all your results with the Olive Garden-based artificial intelligence robot we keep in the basement and guess how old you are! Don't believe it? Take the quiz and be amazed!

If it's a cold day, you may as well have some soup. What kind are you going to order?

You're probably going to start your order off with a drink, right? What's your beverage of choice?

You're going to want an appetizer, so what are you ordering?

If you're building your own pasta bowl, what kind of pasta would you start with?

You can't have a pasta bowl without sauce, so what kind of sauce do you choose?

Olive Garden is loaded with toppings you can add to your pasta. Which one do you want?

Are you in the mood for something beefy? What would you like?

If you have a craving for chicken, what would you order?

Some days the only thing that'll hit the spot is some seafood. What's your seafood dish of choice?

Is there such a thing as pasta without cheese? Which of these cheesy feasts is the best?

Are you a shrimp fan? Pick the best shrimp dish of the bunch!

You have to follow your dinner with a decadent dessert. What's going to hit the spot?

What unlimited item can you not get enough of?

Lasagna is an Italian classic, and Olive Garden has some variations on it. Which one is best?

Ravioli is one of the most fun pastas out there - it's like a little surprise! What's the best kind?

Olive Garden has all kinds of tasty dips, which one sounds best?

You know what goes great with lunch? A refreshing wine cocktail. Which would you order?

If you were in the market for a vegetarian meal, what sounds best?

Unlimited breadsticks means different things to different people. What's your breadstick limit?

Unlimited soup sounds kind of enticing. How many bowls of soup do you think you could eat anyway?

Did you know Olive Garden has a whole bunch of specialty coffee on the menu? Which one sounds tastiest?

If it's lunchtime, you can grab a sandwich at Olive Garden. Which one sounds best?

What side dish is calling your name?

You can get some recipes on the Olive Garden website. Which one of these sauce recipes would you like to try?

Sometimes the best appetizers are crunchy, fried treats. Which one can't you resist?

If you want to flavor a drink, Olive Garden has Italian syrups. What's the best flavor?

If you like a cream sauce, Alfredo is the way to go. Which Alfredo would you want to dig into?

There's unlimited salad; if you're down for that, the salad dressing options are a bit sparse. Do you like the house Italian dressing?

You can't go wrong with a dessert made from chocolate. Which chocolate delight is calling your name?

Just because you're a bit too old for the kid's menu doesn't mean you can't look. What would you order if you were still a kid?

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