Order a Bunch of Food From Olive Garden and We’ll Guess What City Matches Your Personality

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About This Quiz

In this quiz, we're about to match a city to your personality based on what kind of food you order at Olive Garden. We'll cover the whole menu, from appetizers and entrees, desserts and drinks. 

And we're not just talking about non-alcoholic drinks either, as this quiz will get the party started with beer, wine and fruity cocktails! If you dream about Olive Garden when you sleep, then this is the perfect quiz for you! Olive Garden is a popular Italian-based restaurant that specializes in Italian-American pasta dishes. They're also known for their unlimited soups, salads and breadsticks deal. And speaking of breadsticks, fans can't get enough of the warm, chewy and flavorful breadsticks that you can keep ordering throughout your meal!

Olive Garden also serves a wide range of desserts, like the tiramisu, black tie mousse cake and various dolcini flavors. These range from chocolate mousse to strawberry and white chocolate. We'll also ask you about your dining preferences, as well as how much Olive Garden cuisine you can eat! If your mouth is starting to water, we don't blame you! Satisfy your hunger with this Olive Garden food quiz to see what city you'll get matched to!

How many rounds of unlimited breadsticks are you ordering?

Which of these appetizers are you about to indulge in?

When ordering an appetizer, are you going to share or keep it all to yourself?

What kind of Olive Garden soup will you order?

Pick a sauce to dunk those Olive Garden breadsticks in!

Create your own pasta by choosing a base of noodles.

Does the unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks sound good to you?

The best kind of pasta has ________ sauce on it.

Are you going to top your pasta plate with a protein?

Choose an entree for the Olive Garden lunch duo combo.

Olive Garden's best "Taste of the Mediterranean" entree is...?

Will you be ordering a dessert at Olive Garden?

Which of the following "Traditional Favorites" are you about to devour?

The best part of Olive Garden's "Tour of Italy" entree is the...?

Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of these desserts!

Do you prefer dine in or take out at Olive Garden?

How many dolcinis can you eat in one sitting?

Which of these beef entrees sounds mouth-watering to you?

Pick a dolcini flavor at Olive Garden to savor!

Would you consider ordering a family-style to go bundle?

Pair your entree with a non-alcoholic beverage!

Are you dining at Olive Garden for lunch or dinner?

Savor a pasta from the "Never-Ending Stuffed Pasta" special.

You're not feeling too hungry and decide to order a kid's meal for yourself. Which of these are you going to pick?

Every entree needs a side dish. Which of these are you going to choose?

You're looking at a catering menu for a big event. Which of the following entrees sounds great for a party?

Pick one of these wine cocktails to sip at Olive Garden.

Are you going to drink any beer at Olive Garden?

Your favorite type of Olive Garden wine is...?

What's the best "Traditional Favorites" cocktail that Olive Garden offers?

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