Order a Bunch of Fast Food and We’ll Tell You What Unusual Job Is Perfect for You

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Everyone has to find their path in life, and there are probably countless paths every one of us can travel. Some of us are destined for riches as the CEOs of major companies; some of us will follow a more humble path and become writers or truck drivers or short order cooks. Whatever it is that we do in life will become a part of not just how people understand us and who we are, but how we even define ourselves. No one wants to be their job, but of course, it'll be a part of you and will be reflected in so much of what you do from how to act to what you wear and even what you eat. But does what you eat reflect what you do?

If you're feeling like a run of the mill job just isn't right for you and that you need to go above and beyond the normal, then we have an offer you can't refuse. Take a few minutes to go over our quiz and pick some fast food choices that best suit you. We'll use that information to find a job for you. And not just any job either, but the ultimate in unusual jobs. Take the quiz and see!

Who serves the very best fries in the fast food world?

Fried chicken is the most delicious of all the chickens. Who does it best?

If you were in the market for a delicious hamburger, where would you be most likely to go?

Speaking of burgers, there's no such thing as "just" a burger anymore. What kind of burger is the best?

If you're out and about at breakfast, what fast food are you most likely to order?

It's never a wrong time to eat a taco. Which taco place is the best of the best?

Say you're hungry for chicken but you're nowhere near a chicken place. Who's got what you need?

There's pretty much no such thing as bad pizza. What pizza chain are you going to hit up when you're hungry?

Nothing hits the spot like a milkshake. Who makes the best one?

Regular fries are all fine and dandy as a side dish, but maybe you want something a little fancier. What are you ordering?

If you're looking for something a little more exotic, why not try some Asian cuisine? Who makes the best stuff?

A cheeseburger needs the right cheese to make it a winner. What's the best kind of cheeseburger out there?

If you're not in the mood for fries, what's the best fast food side you can get?

Maybe you want a potato still but not French fries. What should you get?

Bacon is pretty much the ultimate accompaniment to any dish. Who makes the best bacon burger?

Who doesn't like ice cream? No one! Which ice creamy goodness would you order?

If you don't feel like a burger, maybe you want a sandwich. Which sandwich place is the best?

Do you like spice? What's your favorite spicy fast food item?

When you only have a buck or two on you, it's time to hit up a value menu. What's the tastiest cheap item out there?

You need to finish up any decent meal with some dessert. What's your favorite kind?

What's the single best veggie topping you can put on a burger?

Most fast food places will put any condiment you like on your burger. What's going to sauce it up in the tastiest way for you?

Not everyone likes fish at fast food places, but most of them have at least one thing on the menu, so someone's eating it. Which is the best one?

There are plenty of ways to order a meal from a fast food place; which one works best for you?

What's the best time of day to hit up a fast food place anyway?

Most people think burgers when they think of fast food, but there are lots of choices, like seafood! What's the best seafood chain?

Chicken nuggets are a staple of fast food. Who makes the best ones?

Back in the day, a burger was just a single patty on a bun. Now you can get massive burgers. Which big beefy burger is best?

If you want to eat healthily but still get some fast food, what would you want to get?

Burgers may be king but never forget the hot dog! Where would you go for a fast food hot dog?

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