Quiz: Operation Overlord: Allies in Action
Operation Overlord: Allies in Action
By: Nathan Chandler
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This operation will always be known as one that helped to turn the tide of human history. How much do you know about World War II's Operation Overlord?

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During World War II, which entity planned and executed Operation Overlord?
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When did Operation Overlord commence?
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How did Operation Overlord begin?
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How many troops did Hitler originally want guarding the Atlantic Wall, the fortifications built to thwart an Allied invasion on the western coast of Europe?
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The Germans were taken totally by surprise when the Allies attacked on D-Day.
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Before the Allied invasion, which leader wrote, "The eyes of the world are upon you"?
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How many Allied troops participated in the D-Day beach landings?
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What was NOT one of the names of the five sectors of the Normandy beaches where Allied troops waded ashore?
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On D-Day, Canadian troops were instructed to take control of which beach sector?
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How many Allied vessels took part in the amphibious assault on D-Day?
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Which of the landing sectors was most heavily guarded by German forces?
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During the invasion of Normandy, German soldiers were generally about how much older than Allied troops?
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How many Allied soldiers were killed during the D-Day beach assaults?
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What did the "D" in D-day stand for?
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How many British troops were involved in the beach landings on D-Day?
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During the beach invasions, what was the purpose of so-called Mulberry harbours?
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What happened during Exercise Tiger, a practice run for the D-Day beach invasions?
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On D-Day, many French civilians were killed. How did most of them die?
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Operation Overload started at the beginning of June. By August, how many troops were a part of the operation?
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Bombers were sent to soften German defenses on Omaha beach. Why weren't the bombers effective?
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When did most Allied troops involved in the D-Day beach invasions find out their destinations?
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On D-Day, how many Allied aircraft took to the air as part of the assault?
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How many aircraft did the Allies lose on D-Day?
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The Nazis used more than 1.2 million tons of steel in building the Atlantic Wall. That steel could have been used to create how many German Tiger tanks?
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What was the very first assault of D-Day?
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From June to September, how many casualties did the Allies suffer during the operation?
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What is the present-day condition of Hitler's Atlantic Wall defenses?
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After launching Operation Overlord in June 1943, how long did it take the Allies to capture Berlin?
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