Only the Biggest Disney Fans Know if These Photos Are of Disneyland or Disney World!

By: Annette
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Let's be clear, there's a BIG difference between Disneyland and Disney World. That's why only true connoisseurs will know which photos are of which! This quiz will really test your mettle as a Disneyphile.

You know that it's Disneyland, because you're looking at California Adventure! This theme park is only in Anaheim, California.

This is Disneyland! The reason that you know is that it's surrounded by development, whereas Disney World has its own plot in Orlando, Florida.

This is Animal Kingdom in Disney World. Expedition Everest is a ride that you won't find in Disneyland.

This is a view of the Mark Twain steamboat in Disneyland. There used to be canoes in that lake!

This is Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland! Did you know that the castle at Disney World is called Cinderella's castle?

This is the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Disney World. The distinctive bridge gives it away as not being in Disneyland!

This is most definitely Disney World. The expansive waterside boardwalk wouldn't fit in Anaheim, California!

True Disneyphiles know that there is no Epcot Center in Disneyland. This is Disney World.

This is the train station at Disneyland. The main entrance to the Magic Kingdom looks similar, but still different!

This Dinosaur attraction is at the Animal Kingdom in Disney World. It kind of looks like Indiana Jones!

This is definitely Disneyland. Did you know that there's no Matterhorn in Disney World?

This is the Tree of Life in Disney World. It's located in the Animal Kingdom.

This is the monorail at Disney World. You're looking at Disney's Contemporary Resort!

This is the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Disney World. It takes an expert eye to know that.

This is the Haunted Mansion at Disney World. Are they holograms or are they ghosts?

This is pure Disneyland. The Grand Californian Resort and Hotel can only be found in California.

This is Disney World! You know how you can tell? Splash Mountain at Disney World seats two across.

This is Main Street of Disneyland. Know how you can tell? That's Sleeping Beauty's Castle in the background.

This is the statue of Walt at Disneyland. Again, the distinct Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background is the hint. Cinderella's Castle looks much different.

This is definitely Disney World. It's Epcot's World Showcase, to be exact. Britain!

This is It's a Small World in Disneyland. This just happens to be one of the most popular, historic attractions in the park.

This is Splash Mountain at Disneyland. Have you learned yet that Splash Mountain in California only seats one across?

Wait, is Paris in Disney World? It sure is! It's at Epcot's World Showcase. Try the crepes.

Did you think that was Hollywood? It's actually Disney's Hollywood Studios in Disney World.

This is the winner of the marathon at Disney World. At Disneyland they can only have a half marathon because the park isn't big enough.

Mickey's Toontown is located in Disneyland. There is no Toontown in Disney World, but there's one at Tokyo Disneyland.

This is the World Showcase at Disney World. There are 11 countries represented at the exhibition.

This is a beautiful image of Disney World. The Spaceship Earth geosphere at Epcot gives it away.

This is a glimpse at California Adventure in Disneyland. The rollercoaster is called California Screamin'.

This is Epcot center in Disney World. Did you know you can buy margaritas there? That's why you see so many people in this picture.

This is a rendering of the newer Fantasyland in Disney World. The grand opening was in 2012.

This is the old Tom Sawyer's Island in Disneyland. It's getting transformed into Star Wars Land. I kid you not.

This is a glimpse of Expedition Everest in Disney World. Spoiler alert: the ride goes backwards.

This is one of the two waterparks in Disney World. They have Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon!

This is a rendering of the new Star Wars Land in Disneyland. I have three letter for you: O, M, and G.

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