Quiz: Can You Pass This Trivia Quiz?
Can You Pass This Trivia Quiz?
By: Isadora Teich

About This Quiz

Are you a trivia lover with a true knack for fun facts? Do you have an interesting tidbit of knowledge for any situation? There is a lot out there to know across so many topics and niches that it would be impossible for one person to know them all. Whether it's music, engineering, art, cooking, history, language or just common knowledge, there is so much out there to learn about and discover. From theoretical facts to practical skills, there is a whole world of things out there to absorb and know about. 

While it would be impossible for any one person to truly master all of it completely, trivia lovers give it their very best and absorb fun facts like a sponge. In a whole wacky world of wild things to know about, pick apart, and think about, trivia lovers definitely have a lot of fun. There are so many things to learn about and so many ways to pursue that knowledge. From books to documentaries to more, the internet makes it possible to never stop learning, if you are so inclined. 

If you enjoy trivia and have a thirst for knowledge, put your brain to the test with this HowStuffWorks quiz! 

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Which music figure is known as The King of Pop?
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How many moons does the earth have?
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What currency is used in the UK?
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What is the name of the Norse god of thunder?
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Which of these elements is present in pure water?
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Muhammad Ali is a famous figure in which sport?
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How many sides does a pentagon have?
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What is the name of the former child star of "Home Alone" fame?
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What nationality is Justin Bieber?
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Is spaghetti and meatballs an authentic Italian dish?
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How many presidents have been assassinated since American independence?
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Which two continents are considered two separate continents despite there being no actual separation between them?
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On what day of creation did God create man?
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What is the world's largest mammal?
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Bees are found on every continent except:
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What is the name of the villain in the Disney film "Aladdin"?
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Who sings the song "Formation"?
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What kind of race is the Tour de France?
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The small orange characters in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" are called:
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Who is the Greek mythological ruler of the underworld?
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Who wrote "Romeo and Juliet"?
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How many days are in a leap year?
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Who was the first US president?
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What is a group of lions known as?
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What is the name of the prince in Disney's "Sleeping Beauty?"
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Triton is the largest moon of which planet?
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Israel is the name later given to which biblical character?
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Which year did World War I start?
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Vulcan is the name of the Roman god of:
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Which state is Lady Gaga from?
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Which eye color came first?
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Which Europeans initially settled the land that came to be known as Florida?
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What is tequila made from?
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The earth is mostly:
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What do poachers harvest from elephants?
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