Quiz: If You Ace This General Knowledge Quiz, We Bet You Were a Straight-A Student
If You Ace This General Knowledge Quiz, We Bet You Were a Straight-A Student
By: Robin Tyler
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About This Quiz

General knowledge is a funny thing.

For most people it's not all that important for daily life, yet for others having an expanded general knowledge is vital. Why? Well, if you know enough about a range of subjects, you can fit in just about anywhere. 

And it's not that hard to pick up. General knowledge is about following what's going on in the world around you. Try to catch a news bulletin every day. Instead of spending hours on social media, open a news site and get up to date with the world around you. Read about things in history that interest you. I guarantee it will lead you to even more exciting finds.

The key is starting off with things you like to learn about, then moving on from there. But you knew that, didn't you? You are here to try your luck at our tough general knowledge quiz, where a score of 28/35 makes you a straight-A general knowledge student!

A range of questions faces you, taking in many different general knowledge subjects. These questions span many ages, from ancient history to modern times. 

How do you think you will fare? Will you ace it?

Well, why not take the plunge and let's see what you can score.

Good luck!

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The longest national highway in the world is the _______.
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Name the largest non-polar. desert in the world, please.
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Can you name the largest island in the Mediterranean?
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Any ideas as to the largest island on the planet?
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Which city is known as the car manufacturing capital of the United States?
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Which river deposits the greatest volume of water into the sea?
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Do you know which of these explorers discovered the North Pole?
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What country is known as the Land of the Rising Sun?
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A volcano know as Vesuvius is found in which country?
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Where do Gurkha soldiers come from?
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Can you name the country that hosted the 2006 Soccer World Cup?
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The 2006 World Cup was won by which of these nations?
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Who wrote the Harry Potter books?
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New Zealand is known as the land of the ________.
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Who was the first woman named as Prime Minister of Great Britain?
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Who was responsible for the assassination of Robert Kennedy?
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The first Space Shuttle was launched into space on which date?
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What is the name of the first Space Shuttle ever launched?
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Can you tell us the name of the country known as the "Roof of the World"?
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Do you know which of these explorers discovered the South Pole?
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Sri Lanka was called what before 1972?
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Can you name the English soccer team that plays home matches at Anfield?
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Which country is the 2015 Cricket World Cup champion?
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New York was originally called what?
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Regarding the medical profession, what does GP stand for?
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The chemical formula for water is which of these?
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Any idea as to which country Adolf Hitler was born in?
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Elizabeth II was crowned as the queen of England on what date?
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Can you name the mountain range that acts as a border between France and Spain?
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Bikini Bottom is the home to which animated character?
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In the book "The Hobbit," Smaug is what kind of mythical creature?
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The Dynamic Duo includes two well-known superheroes. Who are they?
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Which is the only tennis major played on a clay surface?
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"The Man in the Iron Mask" was written by which author?
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