Quiz: Only Someone With an IQ of 130+ Can Solve All of These Riddles! Can You?
Only Someone With an IQ of 130+ Can Solve All of These Riddles! Can You?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Think you are an ultimate master of riddle solving? Humans love puzzles and problem-solving of all kinds, whether it involves words, numbers, physical activity, or a combination of them all. People have been exercising their minds and putting their problem-solving and creative thinking abilities to the test for centuries with all sorts of riddles. These riddles can be deceptively simple, or they can be incredibly complex. It takes a unique and intelligent mind to be an expert solver of riddles. 

Riddles play key parts in many of our favorite stories as well, as there are few things that people have found so consistently frustrating and fascinating over the years. From ancient myths to modern-day best-sellers like the "Harry Potter" stories, myths play a role. These brain teasers help to keep your mind limber. Many people around the world love them. They love the struggle of trying different strategies and perhaps failing miserably, and ultimately the satisfaction of solving them. Nothing feels better than finally figuring out the right answer to a particularly tricky riddle. 

If you are an expert riddle-solver who loves nothing more than wrestling with a mental mind teaser, put your wits to the test with this tricky quiz! 

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