Quiz: Only Linguists Will Be Able to Score 31/35 on This Romance Language Test.
Only Linguists Will Be Able to Score 31/35 on This Romance Language Test.
By: Zoe Samuel
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The Romance languages are the family that derive from Classical Latin. It's important to note that they are not called the Romance languages because they are romantic, though certainly some of them (Italian in particular) do lend themselves especially well to the arts of romance. They actually get their names from being derived from languages spoken by Romans. The word "romance" with a small "r" has the same origin, as it meant a verse written in the vernacular - that is, the Romance languages - as opposed to in Latin. The meaning only morphed later on to refer specifically to a certain sort of love or love story. So Romance came first, and romance later!

The Romance languages are found all over Europe, and due to later empires, now all over the world. The fullest extent of the Western Roman Empire left a legacy behind it that was carried by these civilizations to the corners of the globe. This means that the Romance languages are among the most-spoken on the planet. There are also Eastern Romance languages, though none of them originally extended outside Europe. The happy result of this is that if you learn a single one of them, picking up a second or third will get a lot easier - and if you know Latin, then arguably you already know a little piece of each! How well do you remember them?

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Which Romance language is closest to Latin?
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How many people speak a Romance language as a first or second language?
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Is English a Romance language?
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Where would you find Iberian Romance languages?
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Which is the most widely spoken Romance language?
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From how many Romance languages does English borrow words?
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Other than in Romania, in what country is Romanian the main spoken language?
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From which country do the "Gallo-Romance" languages come?
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Which of these is NOT a Gallo-Romance language?
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What letter is usually found at the end of pluralized words in Western Romance languages?
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Did the development of the formal second person "you" develop in Latin itself and get passed down, or did it come later?
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Which Romance language is predominantly spoken in Brazil?
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We've established Romance only has two genders and Latin has three. Into which gender did neuter words in Latin mostly get absorbed?
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Which Romance language originated the furthest away from the others?
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An auxiliary verb is one that helps you create a tense eg "I go" becomes "I had gone" or "I am going". Which are the two main auxiliary verbs used in Romance languages?
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How many Romance languages have status as a national language?
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By what other name is Vulgar Latin known?
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Which language does NOT enjoy the label "semi-Romance"?
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Some words are the same (or almost exactly the same) in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian! Which of these words is NOT the same in all four?
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Other than Latin, what language heavily influenced Spanish?
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To which linguistic family do all the Romance families belong?
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What percentage of Romance language speakers speak Portuguese?
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If you want to learn a Romance language, which language is it wise to start with?
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How many languages belong to the Indo-European family?
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Romance languages emerged after the fall of Rome - so when did these languages start appearing?
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Thanks to English loan words, three letters were added to the Portuguese language in 2009. Which of the below is NOT one of them?
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Due to the Portuguese Empire, the Portuguese language made it to Africa and South America. Which of the following countries does NOT contain more than a million Portuguese speakers?
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What percentage of Romance language speakers speak Romanian?
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What Latin word is the root for the word "male"?
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