Quiz: Only Geniuses Can Correctly Answer All of These World Geography Questions!
Only Geniuses Can Correctly Answer All of These World Geography Questions!
By: Annette
Image: NASA

About This Quiz

Do you know where to spin your globe to find the Channel Islands? If you had a blank map, could you tell the difference between Thailand and Vietnam, or Oklahoma and Idaho? Know whether Guatemala is located in Central or South America? Prove your knowledge of the planet with our world geography quiz!

The world is a busy place, with nearly 200 countries on seven different continents, ranging from massive places like Canada and Russia to tiny map dots like Vatican City or Monaco. Flowing in and between these borders are five oceans, plus hundreds of seas, rivers, and lakes. 

With such a big and beautiful world out there to explore, you might be surprised just how little the average person knows about geography. When National Geographic did a survey in 2006, only about half of all adults questioned could find New York State on a map, and fewer than half could locate the country of India. Despite the fact that wars in the Middle East were dominating headlines at that time, 63 percent couldn't find Iraq or a map, and 90 percent couldn't locate Afghanistan. 

OK, but surely people are smarter today, right? Nope. A 2017 article in "The Washington Post" revealed that only 36 percent of adults could locate North Korea on a map. 

Think you've got better than average map reading skills? Know where most major countries are located on a map? Take our quiz to test your world geography IQ!

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