Quiz: Only an English Major Can Pass This U.S. Spelling Test!
Only an English Major Can Pass This U.S. Spelling Test!
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Each year, young people from around the world take part in the dramatic Scripps National Spelling Bee, near Washington, D.C. There, kids no older than 14 will step into the glare of the spotlight, and under the gaze of thousands people, try to spell words like “gladiolus,” “marocain,” and “kaumographer,” without stammering with anxiety. Do you think you can stand up to the heady challenge of our spelling quiz?

English is a strange language, one that provides more than 1,000 ways to spell only a few dozen distinct sounds. In other words, it’s no wonder that a lot of people struggle with spelling. Sure, there are guidelines like “I before e,” but it’s not a hard and fast rule – words like “seize” and “weird” make a mockery of such oversimplifications. Can you spell “oversimplification” without looking? Probably not, and that’s OK, because no one else can, either.

Did you know that “misspell” is one of most commonly misspelled words? A lot of people can’t remember how many of the letter “s” to include in that one. And don’t even get us started on “receive” or “kaleidoscope,” because those quickly stamp out the hopes and dreams of most average spellers.

Let’s see how your spelling skills match up against our eighth-grade-level quiz. Maybe you’ll know exactly how to knock out “abbreviate” and “antihistamine,” or maybe you’ll become “hysterical” and experience a “catastrophe” at the hands of these oddly difficult words. Take our spelling quiz now!

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