Quiz: Only an Animal Expert Can Get All of These Questions Right. Can You?
Only an Animal Expert Can Get All of These Questions Right. Can You?
By: Monica Lee
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A shrimp that can break aquarium glass. A whale whose cry is louder than a rocket leaving the launch pad. Cockroaches who refuse to drown. The animals around us are so amazing that this quiz couldn't describe them all. But can you identify them all? Test your expert knowledge. Find out how well you know the fantastical creatures that roam the earth. You'll find representatives from the sky, the sea, the jungles, the woods, your neighborhood, the microscopic world and much more. Will you be able to select all the correct answers? There is only one way to find out. Take the quiz right now. 

The tallest, the bravest, the fastest, the slowest. Do you know which animals these are? Ever heard of the fish that can shoot prey on land from its "pea-shooter" mouth? Or the Water Bear that can survive in the vacuum of space and radiation? It's important to know all about these animals and learn from their unique abilities in order to advance our own. Whether you're a hobbyist or expert, you'll love learning about the wild and wonderful animals in this quiz. Take it now and add to your knowledge. Just click the button below to begin.

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Why does a beaver slap the water with its tail?
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Which insect is known to transmit yellow fever, Zika, malaria, filariasis, and dengue?
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Need to lure a skunk out of your garage? Which of these would do the trick?
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How fast can a black bear move?
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Which one of these animals has a diet that is 75 percent comprised of berries, leaves, and nuts?
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There is a reason there is a comic strip character named Ant Man. What can an ant do?
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What animal can survive radiation and the vacuum of space?
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What animal risks its life every time it poops?
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How long is an anteater's tongue?
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What is the name of the species of fish that can breathe air?
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Which of these ants can be found in the forests of Brazil and become a zombie ant?
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What eyeless cave fish is called the Satan-Fish?
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Because the Hagfish does not have a traditional jaw, how do they bite through tough flesh?
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Which insect bite is rated at the highest level (4) on the Schmidt sting pain index?
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Which bird can fly up to 10,000 miles on a single journey?
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Which of these beetles can lift 850 times its own weight?
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Which animal has fingerprints that are similar to humans?
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What type of ant will keep fighting after its been cut in half?
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Where would you find the heart in a shrimp?
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Which of these animals can live the longest?
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How long can cockroaches hold their breath?
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What is a rhinoceros' horn made of?
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Which one of these insects can look at your face and recognize your facial features?
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Which of these is the smallest mammal?
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How long does it take an average sloth to digest a meal?
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Which of these bird's eye is bigger than its brain?
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Which of these mammals can produce the loudest sound?
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Which one of these birds can fly backward?
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What color skin do polar bears have?
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Instead of looking for prey in the water, which one of these fish get their prey from the land?
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Which one of these animals have poisonous bites?
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Which type of jellyfish is the largest?
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Which of these animals has a reputation for breaking the glass in an aquarium?
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