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The scientific world is so vast. It's hard to master one area, let alone different fields. But if you've prepared for the higher levels of scientific study, you may know more than you think. For instance, if you've had to write a computer program to search and tabulate results from an experiment, you may have taken a course in cognitive science. And with that came information on the path that needs to be programmed for forward search, (where one looks at applicability) and for a backward search (where one looks for relevance). 

Another example would be the higher-level chemistry class where studies may have included vulcanizing - which involves treating rubber to harden it.  Biology is always a required course, so don't be surprised when quizzed about the bones in the foot or Gamet IntraFallopian Transfer. You should know whether the gallbladder or the liver secretes bile. 

As a scientist, you're aware that gaining knowledge from other fields can bring important, new applications. An example would be VELCRO(R), created by an engineer, which is now used in medical devices and patient positioning items. In other words, it's good to be a know-it-all. Find out how much you know and whether you're one of the best and brightest out there. Take this quiz now. 

The liver secretes bile. True or False?

Although bile is produced by the liver, the gallbladder stores and secretes it when needed for digesting fatty foods in the duodenum of the small intestine.


Vulcanizing involves treating rubber with sulfur to harden it. True or False?

A simplified explanation of vulcanization is heating rubber with sulfur. The process was discovered in 1839 by the U.S. inventor Charles Goodyear, who also used additional substances in the process.


The only metal that's not a solid at room temperature is mercury. True or False?

Mercury is important scientifically, medically and in manufacturing. This heavy, silvery, metallic element is a liquid at room temperatures. Mercury exposure at high levels can harm the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs and immune system.


The chemicals produced by the endocrine glands to control body functions are called tryptophans. True or False?

Hormones are the chemicals produced by the endocrine glands to control body functions. Tryptophan is needed for the body to produce serotonin, used to make melatonin, a hormone that helps to control your sleep and wake cycles.


In humans, the deficiency of vitamin B3 causes pellagra. True or False?

Pellagra is characterized by the “four Ds” – dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia and death. It can be effectively cured with intravenous or oral niacin or nicotinamide.


Pulmonary infiltrate is related to pneumonia. True or False?

Fluids comprised of white blood cells, cancer cells, pus, proteins or blood are called infiltrates. Pneumonia, silicosis, asbestosis and cystic fibrosis often cause the air sacs or alveoli within the lungs to fill with these fluids.


GIFT stands for Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer. True or False?

GIFT is a method of assisting reproduction in cases of infertility. It involves removing eggs from an ovary, commingling them with sperm, and inserting them into a fallopian tube by a laparoscope.


In cognitive science, when we talk about forward search, we look at applicability, and in a backward search we look for usability. True or False?

In cognitive science, forward search looks at applicability and in a backward search it's relevancy. More specifically, in search, we are trying to find a path from the start state to the goal state. In backward state we are finding a path from goal state to start state.


Hypovolemic shock cannot be treated by a medical professional. True or False?

Hypovolemic shock is a condition involving loss of blood or bodily fluids. It is treatable by a medical professional. Depending on the severity, IV fluids and fluid replacements, as well as blood transfusions, may be needed.


Esotropia affects the spine. True or False?

Esotropia affects the eyes and gives an individual the appearance of having crossed eyes. The condition can be constantly present or occur intermittently.


The knee is formed by the bones of the metatarsals and phalanges. True or False?

The foot is formed by the bones of the metatarsals and phalanges.The metatarsal bones are a group of five long bones in the foot, whereas the phalanges are the bones of the toes.


Sialogogue is a drug that promotes the secretion of tears. True or False?

Sialogogue is a drug that promotes the secretion of salivia. It stimulates any functioning salivary gland tissue to produce more saliva. This is important since saliva has a bactericidal effect. It can help prevent oral diseases and buffer acidity in the mouth.


Gelotology is the study of the effect of laughter and humor on the human body. True or False?

It's a serious topic. And its premise has been innately accepted for centuries in such adages as "Laughter is the best medicine." Gelotology is the study of humor and laughter and its psychological and physiological effects on the human body.


In cognitive science, PDDL stands for Planning Domain Definition Language. True or False?

Planning Domain Definition Language, or PDDL, is a guide to help standardize planning domain and problem description languages.


The Ibadan malimbe is a type of monkey. True or False?

The Ibadan malimbe is a rare species of bird in the Ploceidae family. It is native to Nigeria, where it can be seen in the southwestern part of the country, including the city of Ibadan, which it's named after.


Omphalophobia is the irrational fear of relieving oneself. True or False?

Omphalophobia is the irrational fear of the belly button. Symptoms of this phobia include: trembling, shaking, crying, curling up in a ball, running away and hiding, even having thoughts of death or dying.


Dizygotic (or dizygous) is the medical term for twins who are derived from two separate fertilized eggs and so are not identical. True or False?

Dizygotic (or dizygous) twins, also called fraternal twins or nonidentical twins, develop in the uterus separately. Dizygotic twins form when two separate sperm fertilize two separate eggs.


Myology is the scientific study of the muscles. True or False?

Myology is the medical specialty concerned with the study of the structure, function, diseases and disorders of muscles. This study is crucial, in that muscles are connected with the bones, cartilage, ligaments and skin, either directly or with tendons.


An AI can act as a theory, and an AI can act as a test for a theory. True or False?

To most Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers, the frame problem is the challenge of representing the effects of action in logic without having to represent explicitly a large number of intuitively obvious non-effects.


Xerosis is an excessive dryness of the hair. True or False?

Xerosis is an excessive dryness of the skin. This condition is characterized by dryness and brittleness. Treatment is aimed at relieving the symptoms.


The Latin name Pediculus humanus capitas is better known as lice. True or False?

The parasitic insects, lice, are known for infesting the scalp and causing itching, visible lice on the scalp, and lice eggs (nits) on the hair shafts. It is very common - with more than six million U.S. cases per year.


A right-sided heart is called a dextrocardia. True or False?

People can be born with this abnormality, and often the heart has no other defects. Dextrocardia can also occur in a condition called situs inversus in which the position of all organs is reversed.


The Amazonian electric eel attacks with a maximum charge of 150 volts. True or False?

Amazonian electric eel actually can produce charges of 450 to 650 volts of electricity. The electric eel is one of the few animals on the planet that can make, store and discharge electricity.


The Arctic has the world's largest ozone hole. True or False?

The Antarctic is continuously being subjected to the world's largest ozone hole. It occurs because of the special atmospheric and chemical conditions that exist there and nowhere else.


Among a gallon of oil, a pound of coal or a gallon of gasoline, the gallon of oil will yield the most BTUs of energy. True or False?

One gallon of heating oil provides 138,500 BTUs, whereas a gallon of gas yields 115,000 BTUs and a pound of Anthracite coal produces 15,000 BTUs . Thus the gallon of oil yields the most BTUs of energy.


Case-based reasoning is the idea that we can know how to do certain things by retrieving information on a similar case to deal with present cases. True or False?

The area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) concerned with case-based reasoning utilizes a compact representation of the data to be used for future prediction. In case-based reasoning (CBR) systems, expertise is embodied in a library of past cases, rather than being encoded in classical rules.


The blue whale can have an eye measuring 10 inches across, the largest in the animal kingdom. True or False?

The largest measured giant squid eye is 10.63 inches, roughly the size of a large dinner plate. Squids don't see eye-to-eye with blue whales because the eyes of the blue whale only span approximately six inches.


A supernova was seen with the naked eye in 1987, for the first time in 383 years. True or False?

Supernova SN 1987A was one of the brightest stellar explosions since the invention of the telescope more than 400 years ago. It was the closest observed supernova since 1604.


Oak trees yield the resin used to produce turpentine. True or False?

Resin is a fluid (specifically, a hydrocarbon) that is secreted from certain plants, most commonly pine trees. Pine resin can be used as a sealant, glue and varnish. Oil of turpentine is used as a solvent and as a paint thinner. There are medicinal uses of pine resin, or pitch, as well.


The closed-world assumption states that anything not known to be true is automatically assumed to be false. Is this statement True or False?

The closed-world assumption (CWA) is the assumption that what is not known to be true must be false. In contrast, the open-world assumption (OWA) is the assumption that what is not known to be true is simply unknown.


The aortic valve is found in the right ventricle. True or False?

The tricuspid valve is found in the right ventricle. The heart consists of four chambers - two atria (upper chambers) and two ventricles (lower chambers). There is a valve through which blood passes before leaving each chamber of the heart.


Smoking is related to Buerger's disease. True or False?

Buerger's disease has been associated with smoking. It can cause Inflammation and thrombosis in small- and medium-sized blood vessels, typically in the legs, leading to gangrene.


The perceptron is the first kind of neural network. True or False?

A neural network is a computer system modeled on the human brain and nervous system. The perceptron is the most basic form of an activation function within a neural network, in that it is a simple binary function that has only two possible results.


Lipitor is a drug that effects blood pressure. True or False?

Lipitor is a drug that is used to treat high cholesterol. It doesn't have any effect on blood pressure,


Case-based reasoning (CBR) is appropriate when cases need to be considered in novel ways. True or False?

Although the above statement is correct, Case-based reasoning (CBR) can also be used when one doesn't know the laws or causal structure, or when one is constantly adding new cases.


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