Quiz: Only a True Sports Fan Can Name All of These Team Rivalries. Can You?
Only a True Sports Fan Can Name All of These Team Rivalries. Can You?
By: Jouviane Alexandre
Image: NFL

About This Quiz

Brrr! It's cold in here! There's a cold war brewing in the Northeast Atlantic. Haven't you heard!? When it comes to MLB, there's no reconciliation between Boston and New York fans. The land freezes over when you throw football into the mix. If you're a sports fan, there's a chance you're aware of a few striking rivalries, but can you battle it out against this quiz?

When teams form their rivalries, major sports fans are quick to get sucked in. It might start with an eye roll at the mention of your foe. You might find yourself scowling at a fan rocking the opposing team. If you find yourself booing at the TV, you've probably gone off the deep end! For a true sports fan, rivalries are nothing to brush off. They add an intensity to each game, regardless of whether your favorite players are dribbling a basketball or kicking a soccer ball.

Regardless of whether they're hitting the ice or the grass, rivalries have grown from collegiate athletics to the pros, and they're almost always battling over their turf. Travelling to Europe, you might find yourself caught in a soccer battle in Spain. You'd meet the same fight in South America. Traveling to the United States, you'll find rivalries all over the country at different levels. College students are battling it out in Alabama over football while the King of Basketball is being fought over in North Carolina. The temperatures and floors are icy for NYC metropolitan NHL teams. Cross-country NBA rivals have been established in Boston and Los Angeles.

With all these rivals and wars brewing in the sports world, can you name all the rivals or will this quiz become yours?

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