Quiz: Only a Real Millennial Can Pass This Famous '90s & '00s Movie Quiz. Can You?
Only a Real Millennial Can Pass This Famous '90s & '00s Movie Quiz. Can You?
By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

Y-2-K! While everyone was worrying about how the world might end, if you're a millennial, you were probably just watching a movie! Everyone claims to be a millennial, but this '90s and '00s movie quiz will separate the real from the posers!

The years of the millennials are said to be 1982-2002. While you might think your birthday will get you into this exclusive club, it won't! There are a lot of things that come with being a millennial. While the music is essential, the true test comes with the movies! 

Hundreds of films are released every year, and with 20 years of film to work with, there are thousands to choose from. While this might seem daunting, only a true millennial could ace this quiz. 

For those who are a fan of action films, you might be remembering The Matrix or Die Hard. The fantasy genre wouldn't be complete without Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. What exactly were you laughing at if it wasn't Dumb and Dumber or Zoolander

These films are classics and should be on the roster of any true millennial. Are you ready to prove that you indeed survived Y2K or will you be revealed as too old or too young to fit in with the crowd?

Let's find out!

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The martial arts-infused Wachowskis film where you take the blue pill or the red pill, especially when entering the AI construct of reality.
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The Tolkien-inspired film series featuring Frodo and some magical jewelry.
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The Tina Fey-written teen comedy about a homeschooled who goes to high school for the first time, and meets a group of "It Gals" who aren't so nice.
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This "tale as old as time" was an animated classic of a pretty gal and a hideous creature, with some singing cutlery thrown in.
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The first of the magical film series that centered on a boy with a lightning scar on his forehead, and a school of witchcraft and wizardry.
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The first rule of this association is, never discuss this pugilistic-inspired association to anyone.
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The one about the huge ship that sank, where Jack and Rose first met.
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The one about high school cheerleading squads and their squabbles.
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An undercover cop infiltrates the world of illegal car racing, in the first of this film series.
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Peter Parker's superhero alter ego comes alive in this 2002 film by director Sam Raimi.
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This film is as American as eating a certain pastry and losing one's virginity -- if you're a teen boy pressured by prom night shenanigans.
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Its teen protagonist named Cher used to say "As if!"
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A film about a very socially awkward Idaho teen, his Mexican best friend Pedro, and their daily high school life, in between daydreaming.
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This Episode I film of the cinematic space opera saga introduced The Force to millennials back in 1999.
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This independent mock-documentary-fiction film scared the bejeezus out of millennials who watched teens shoot a video project gone awry.
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Millennials sang along "The Circle of Life" when Simba was presented to their pack in this animated Disney classic.
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Eminem entered the rap arena and followed it with this movie debut somewhat based on his early life.
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The film about a teenage girl and an unplanned pregnancy at 16.
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This Michel Gondry classic features a couple who undergoes a special procedure where they could erase the memories of each other in their brains.
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A reimagined Batman stars in this second of three superhero films by director Christopher Nolan.
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A supernatural horror story filmed in CCTV style.
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A story of disconnection and reconnection between a middle-aged American movie star and a college grad American woman who both found themselves in Japan.
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An 8-year old kid gets left behind their huge house when his family flies away on Christmas vacation -- and he ends up protecting the house from burglars.
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Seemingly shallow high schooler Elle Woods aspires to make it to Harvard Law School so she can woo her high school sweetheart back into her arms.
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The Pixar 3D animated classic where playthings come to life when humans aren't around.
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A quirky comedy about a woman named after a season, and this guy who narrates why their relationship failed.
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A horror film about two men forced to kill each other, as orchestrated by the Jigsaw Killer.
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The vampire film series focusing on teenage girl Bella and the sparkling apple of her eye, Edward Cullen.
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Two gruff-looking cowboys fall tenderly in love amidst wide fields where they worked one summer tending sheep.
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A group of bachelors wakes up the day after a night of heavy partying, only to find the groom friend (their friend) missing, and they can't remember what happened the night before.
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A corporate thief tries to implant an idea in the mind of a CEO by using dream technology where they infiltrate people's minds through different levels of their subconscious while sleeping.
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A laidback homeboy stoner comedy that takes place on a specific day of the week.
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A Nicholas Sparks novel adaptation about an elderly couple retelling their love story through the help of dutiful personal recordings.
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This Disney Channel Original Movie focused on two teens from rival cliques vying for the same lead role in their school's musical production.
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A film about how Facebook allegedly began -- in the not-so-respectful halls of Harvard.
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