Quiz: Only a Pro Can Pass This Auto Quiz! Can You?
Only a Pro Can Pass This Auto Quiz! Can You?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Monty Rakusen/Cultura/Getty Images

About This Quiz

The modern car is nothing short of a miracle! 

Just think about it, all of those thousands and thousands of parts, all working in complete harmony to ensure that when you get in and turn the key, the engine fires the first time, ready to take you from A to B, helping you arrive at your destination safely and as quickly as the law allows!

Sometimes we take for granted the brilliance of the internal combustion engine. All those years ago, those clever auto engineers of yore came up with this invention which certainly changed the world more than many others have. 

But the car is so much more than just an engine. Sure, that's important but what about other bits and bobs that all form part of modern vehicles.?

And then there are the tools needed to help fix vehicles when things do go wrong. And things will go wrong.

So this quiz has a double attack on your auto knowledge. Let's see how much you know about car parts and the engine, in particular. But we will also test your knowledge of the tools a mechanic needs to do the job properly. Some questions are easy. Others will have you scratching your head! Just take your time and see how you do.

Good luck. 

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What important auto shop tool is shown in this image?
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This image shows what car part, found near the tires?
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This ignites the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chambers. What is it?
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It is essential that the piston is connected to the crankshaft at all times. This image shows the part that does this. Do you know what it is called?
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Name the tool that appears in this image?
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The tool shown in this image is a ________
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Can you name this important tool for keeping your tires in top shape?
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Pictured here is an important part of your car's ability to handle bumpy roads. It also ensure your car handles correctly. What are these called?
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This car part changes the piston stroke from linear to rotational. What is it called?
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What part of the car rotates the wheels so a car can move forward?
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Name the essential auto tool in this image, please.
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Any ideas as to what the gadget in this image is? It can be used to isolate damaged wires.
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In which part of the engine, pictured here, do pistons move?
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Name the system that removes the gases produced by combustion in the engine, please.
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Name the part of the car that is rotated by the driveshaft and, in turn, rotates a car's wheels.
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If a driveshaft turns the axle to rotate the wheels at the back of the car, this is known as ______.
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Name this garage tool, please.
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This meter will help tell if your battery has charge. What is it called?
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Drop something in the engine bay. This will help you pick it up.
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Cylinders within an engine can be arranged in a number of ways. The three most common are inline, flat and _____?
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The engine part, pictured here, moves up and down in the cylinder. Do you know what it is called?
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Name this important part of your car, which allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds.
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Engines have many different designs. Name the one shown here?
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When replacing various seals in the engine, you may need the tool pictured in the image.
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Name this tool found in many garages, please.
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Always useful to have a few of these lying around your garage. What are they?
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Engines are not all the same. Name the one shown in this picture
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The engine part shown here supplies the engine with the fuel/air mixture which is then combusted. Name it, please.
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Name the part of the engine that is the reservoir for coolant liquid.
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This engine part is linked to the timing belt. Can you name it?
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When doing an oil change, you drain the oil from the ________?
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Name the engine design shown in this picture, please.
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When draining oil from your engine, it is useful to have this to collect it in.
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Name this tool that all self respecting mechanics should have in their toolbox.
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If you are stripping your vehicle, where would you find the double wishbone?
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What useful tool is featured in this image?
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Name this part found in many performance cars.
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Which part of the exhaust system burns leftover fuel and chemicals?
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Any idea as to the type of engine pictured here?
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