Quiz: Only a Military History Expert Is Passing This WWII Quiz
Only a Military History Expert Is Passing This WWII Quiz
By: John Miller
Image: Historical documents

About This Quiz

When the Empire of the Rising Sun lashed out at Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt knew that America’s destiny was war. FDR rallied his countrymen to a cause, citing the “day of infamy” that brought death and destruction to Hawaii. But the United States didn’t stop in the Pacific Theater — it geared up for war in Europe, too. In our World War II quiz, do you think you can top Hirohito and Hitler the same way Roosevelt and his Allies did?

After World War I, the Treaty of Versailles punished Germany for its aggression and outlawed a German military. Hitler’s rise to power defied the treaty, secretly constructing a Third Reich war machine that was unleashed on Poland in 1939. Britain and France could only wring their hands in fear — would they be the next targets on Hitler’s hit list? Do you know how the war in Europe slowly consumed the continent, and how the Axis and Allies developed their strategies as the conflict raged?

Both sides invested heavily in men and machines, hoping to gain the upper hand in battle. Some of those new weapons were outdated even before they found combat, while others caused mayhem and destruction that killed men by the millions. What do you know about the tactics and weapons that left entire cities in ruins?

From MacArthur to Patton, Zhukov to Churchill, the Red Army to the Wehrmacht, World War II was the bloodiest conflict in human history. Lock and load that Tommy gun and hop aboard that Sherman, we’ll see if you can survive Axis and its mechanized murder!

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True or false, when Germany invaded Poland in 1939, did the United States immediately declare war?
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Which country helped Germany invade Poland at the beginning of WWII?
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The Battle of Kursk is remembered as one of the biggest _____ battles in history.
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Trench warfare was common in WWI. Why was it less common in WWII?
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What famous event happened at Leningrad during the war?
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When the Japanese attacked the Philippines at the start of the war, what did U.S. General MacArthur do?
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What was one of the primary goals of the Japanese during the Pearl Harbor attack?
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Why did Japan fail to completely destroy America’s carrier fleet at Pearl Harbor?
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What was a defining characteristic of the German "blitzkrieg"?
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In a strategy meant to bypass heavily fortified Japanese islands, the Allies resorted to _____.
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Which country used a weapon called the T-34?
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What was the Italian Fiat C.4.42 Falco?
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The Nazi "Final Solution" was meant to fix which "problem"?
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True or false, did the U.S. draw up plans for the invasion of Japan?
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During the war, which side was experimenting with jet aircraft?
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The Battle of Midway was a major defeat for which force?
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True or false, at the beginning of the war, did the U.S. order a massive number of horses for potential combat duty?
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By 1943, the Germans had about 3 million troops on the Eastern Front. How many did the Soviets have?
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What was a nickname given to one group of Soviet female pilots during the war?
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How did Soviet "Night Witches" sneak up on targets they bombed in the night?
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During the war, Higgins Industries produced a vital product. What was it?
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True or false, did Hitler directly make many of the military decisions that would normally go to generals during a war?
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True or false, were most German combat units reliant on horses during WWII?
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In 1944, why did the U.S. want to control the Marianas Islands in the Pacific?
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How many T-34 tanks did the Soviets lose during WWII?
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When it became clear that he would lose the Eastern Front, what did Hitler do?
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What happened to U.S. troops at the start of the Battle of the Bulge?
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True or false, did Japan definitely surrender solely because the U.S. dropped two atomic bombs?
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