Quiz: Will You Ace This IQ Quiz?
Will You Ace This IQ Quiz?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: SHutterstock

About This Quiz

We all know that you're pretty smart, your friends and family know it, the people you work with know it, and if you have kids, they might even know it, that is if you're lucky. Although you do not doubt that you're ridiculously intelligent, every once in a great while you have to give your brain a workout and prove to yourself once more just how brilliant you are. 

An IQ test stands for "intelligence quotient," and these scores have been used for years to figure out how smart a person is. While an IQ test is not the perfect measure of your intelligence, some of the good ones tend to be pretty accurate. We've put together one that would test the mettle of even a true genius. We aren't trying to brag, but If Stephen Hawking were still around, he would have a hard time getting all the questions right. Of course, the results of this quiz are just an estimate of your intelligence, but we already know you're about as smart as they come. 

So clear your mind, and get ready to blow us away with just how smart you are, because we think that only a genius can get a perfect score on this IQ quiz. 

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