Quiz: Are You a Cat Person? Take This Knowledge Quiz!
Are You a Cat Person? Take This Knowledge Quiz!
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Do you watch all of the cat videos on social media... twice? Do you upload some of your own? Does the announcement of a new cat show on television excite you? Well, get your popcorn and soda, because we have a quiz for you. But this one isn't for the faint of heart. You've got to really be a cat person to ace this quiz. Are you up to the challenge?

Most people who call themselves cat lovers think they know all there is to know about cats. But there is a ton of misinformation out there about cats. That's why we know that not everyone is going to get a perfect score on this quiz. You've got to be able to separate fact from the fiction, and not all of you will be able to do that. For instance, Isaac Newton did not invent the cat door, or the doggie door, for that matter. The pet door existed long before Sir Newton came along. If you believed this bit of fiction, you'll need to go back to the kitty drawing board and study up a bit before taking this quiz.

So, if you think you're ready, count your cat's toes (hint, hint...) and let's get started.

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What is a male cat called?
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How long do scientists think humans and cats have interacted?
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Cats are hunters. What types of prey do they prefer?
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What is the name for a group of cats?
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Cats sleep how many hours each day?
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True or False? Milk is good for cats.
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Domestic cats weigh about how many pounds?
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How long do cats live, on average?
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Kittens can hone their hunting skills by doing what activity?
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How many muscles do cats have in their ears?
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What US city has a cat for a mayor?
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What feature of a cat's tongue helps them grip meat?
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Cats are good for your ______.
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True or False? Cat's don't recognize us.
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How many different sounds can a cat make?
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Who referred to cats as demonic?
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What is the term used for a cat with extra toes?
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What iconic author "collected" cats?
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Cat litter was originally made out of what substance?
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What U.S. president was a great cat lover?
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What scientist was fabled to have invented the cat door?
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What feature helps cats determine space?
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Félicette was the first cat to travel where?
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What feature of a cat is as unique as a human fingerprint?
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What color cat is bad luck in the U.S.?
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In addition to sleeping, cats spend a lot of time doing what?
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What flavor can't cats detect?
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True or False? A cat has sharper front claws than back claws.
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What ancient society forbid killing cats?
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True or False? Cats have five toes on their front and back paws.
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Are cats or dogs more popular in the U.S.?
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True or False? A litter of cats has only one father.
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What kind of cat has a stubby tail?
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Why were cats brought to America by the Europeans?
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