Quiz: Only 5% of People with PhDs Passed This Middle School Math Quiz!
Only 5% of People with PhDs Passed This Middle School Math Quiz!
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

When you study something, the higher you rise, the more you are pushed to specialize. Eventually, certain skills which aren't used in your specialty might start to fall away. Baseball pitchers are almost universally terrible batters and fielders, because they spend all their time practicing their pitching repertoire and working on strategy. Magicians who specialize in mind reading tend to become befuddled by tricks with ropes or coins. The same is true in the sciences.

Sometimes, when one is used to doing something at a high level, one becomes accustomed to a level of complexity that makes one second guess one's decisions on simple subjects. An undergraduate degree is nothing to sniff at, but a master's degree or a doctorate are revered because the level of specialty required for these is so great, it means the doctor or master in question really only works in a narrow field. These academics are the perfect people to test out on some basic, skill-based questions.

You have some homework to do. We have spoken with your middle school math teacher, gone through their favorite quiz questions, and come up with a "simple" and "easy" middle school math quiz, however the more studied you are, the more problematic it will be for you. Put your basic skills to the test!

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What does * mean?
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A farmer has seventeen cows. All but nine die. How many cows remain?
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What is the minimum number of pitches a starting pitcher can throw in a perfect, complete, nine-inning game if every at-bat ends in a strikeout?
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How would you simplify 3x+4x?
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How would you simplify 3x*4x?
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What percentage of a dollar is two quarters?
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Rounded off, what percentage of 510 is 17?
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There are n boxes in a large bag and m toys in each box. What is not the total number of toys in the bag?
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What is 2/3 of 21?
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Two thirds of students in a class are reading about politics. The remaining eight students are studying art instead of politics. What's the total number of students in this class?
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A truck driver is driving at a constant rate of 55 miles per hour. How far does he travel in three hours?
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I have a bag of marbles. It has 3 blue marbles, 7 pink marbles, and 5 yellow marbles. What is the ratio of yellow marbles to the total number of marbles?
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What is the lowest common multiple of 25 and 15?
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What is 40% of 1/6, represented as a percentage of the whole?
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Expressed as a fraction, what is 20% of 50%?
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The Earth's radius is 20,903,520 feet, and you want to know the distance between your eyes and the horizon. What is the only piece of information you need, if you're using geometry to do the calculation?
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In "2 x + 5 = 11", what is x?
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What do you need to solve "4/5=a/16"?
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A rectangular garden has a length of 100 meters and a width of 50 meters. There are plans for a square pool in the center of the garden. What is the length of one side of the swimming pool if the remaining area is equal to 50% the area of the rectangular garden?
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The numbers c, d, e, and p have an average equal to 25. The average of c, d, and e is equal to 27. What is p?
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What is the circumference of a circle with an area of 100π square centimeters?
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The area of a rectangle is equal to 96 square meters. Its perimeter is 40 meters. What is the length and width of the rectangle?
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The difference between two numbers is 17 and their sum is 69. What is the larger of the two numbers?
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If if 2/3 of x is 30, what is x?
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A car travels from point A to point B at a speed of 60 mph. It returns using the same road, from point B to point A, at a speed of 40 mph. What is the round trip's average speed?
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