Quiz: Do You Know The Names Of These Trucks?
Do You Know The Names Of These Trucks?
By: Bambi Turner
Image: Wiki Commons via AN Shackle

About This Quiz

Can you tell the difference between an F-150 and a Silverado, or distinguish a Dodge Ram from a Honda Ridgeline using only a single image? Think you can identify classic trucks like the Chevy C/K or the Ford Model TT? If you think you've got what it takes to tell one iconic truck from the next, prove it by acing this quiz!

It's no secret that men love their trucks -- and many are willing to pay a massive premium for the privilege of a pickup bed. Kelley Blue Book's report on new car pricing as of December 2017 revealed that the average new mid-sized car in the U.S. costs $25,749 -- while an equivalent mid-sized pickup costs a whopping $32,562. Those seeking an even bigger bed are shelling out an average of $46,601 to splurge on a full-size truck.

But what is it about a pickup that gets men to open their wallets with abandon? Sure, it's the ability to haul a heavy load, transport trash to the dump or help a buddy move, but it's also something more; pickups have an allure that goes well beyond what they can carry -- it's the lyrics to a classic country song, riding high over the open road, a symbol of freedom, strength and power.

If we show you pictures of some popular pickups, do you think you can identify the make and model? Take our quiz to find out. 

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