Quiz: Can You Identify If This Is A Ford Or A Chevy?
Can You Identify If This Is A Ford Or A Chevy?
By: Bambi Turner
Image: Wiki Commons via Katherine Tompkins

About This Quiz

Can you tell a Mustang from a Camaro, or a Ranchero from an El Camino? Put your automotive IQ to the test with this quiz!

After two failed attempts at starting a car company, Henry Ford incorporated the Ford Motor Company in Detroit on June 16, 1903. A month later, the company started producing its first cars and by 1908, Ford had introduced its famous Model T -- a car designed for the average man at a time when vehicles were affordable only to the very wealthy. 

That same year, William C. Durant founded  General Motors. Over the next few years, he bought up numerous car companies -- including a failed attempt to buy Ford -- before acquiring Chevrolet in 1918. 

Over the next few decades, these companies became giants of the automotive world, one-upping one another in sales, designs and technological innovations. When Durant died in March 1947, it seemed only natural that his main rival, Henry Ford, would pass away just a few weeks later.

Of course, even the deaths of these pioneers didn't dim the prospects of their respective companies, and Ford and Chevrolet continue to rank among the bestselling car brands in the U.S. 

Think you can tell a Ford from a Chevy using only a single image? Take this quiz to prove it!

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