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Get ready to have the "slice" of your life! Try not to drool (too much!) as you work your way through this array of tasty and tempting pies!

Savory meaty pies, both "fowl" and fair, are among the most comforting of comfort foods. They are as hearty as they are homey, which makes digging into one of them a truly satisfying experience. One of the most awesome things about meat pies is that you can use practically any type of meat you wish. Chicken, fish, beef, pork - you name it! Why not venture into the quiz to see if your favorite is in there?

Fruits and vegetables of all kinds are common pie-making ingredients. In fact, some of the most well-known and well-loved pies are full of fruity, veggie goodness. How many of them do you think you could name? Even better, how many can you positively spot from just one photo? Find out by trying the quiz!

You don't have to know the square root of a piece of pie to get all of these correct, just perhaps be the greatest pie nerd that ever lived! So, do you love pie or do you LOOOVE pie? Show us, take the quiz!

Can you name the pie shown in this picture?

Early settlers in the American colonies made an apple pie variation which did not contain apples at all (since the fruit was not native to the region). This mock apple pie, which was already popular among sailors, is ingeniously made with crackers and selected spices so that it tastes very much like real apple pie!

What’s the name of the delectable pie in this image?

Pecan pie is such a huge favorite in the US that it is given its own day. National Pecan Pie Day is celebrated annually on July 12, giving everyone the perfect excuse to eat pie all day long!

Can you name the mouthwatering pie shown in this picture?

Strawberries belong to the same plant family as the rose and apple. Just like the raspberry, however, the strawberry is not technically a berry.

Can you identify the pie in this photo?

Apart from blueberries, many people would be hard-pressed to name another food which is naturally blue! The blueberry is native to North America and can be found in approximately 30 species.

Which delectable pie is shown here?

Pot pies have been made by the Greeks and Romans for millennia. They were among the first types of pies made, consisting of a thick (extra-salty and inedible) crust used as the cooking vessel and containing a savory meat filling.

Do you know the name of this type of pie?

Pumpkin dishes of all sorts announce the arrival of autumn with the pumpkin pie being as much a symbol of the season as Jack-o-lanterns. Very few Thanksgiving dinners are complete without a sumptuous pumpkin pie gracing the table.

Do you know the name of the scrumptious pie shown here?

The majority of cherry pies are baked with tart Morello cherries instead of sweeter varieties of the fruit. In the US, February is celebrated as National Cherry Month with the 20th set aside as National Cherry Pie Day.

Do you know which type of pie is in this image?

Lovers of the decadent goodness which is achieved when lemon and meringue come together in a pie may be interested to know that a village named Meiringen in Switzerland claims to be where the meringue was invented. Also, of all the US states, Florida is the largest producer of lemons.

What type of pie is shown in this photo?

Coconuts are among the most versatile of fruits with parts of the coconut being used as fuel, hair accessories and of course food, such as the coconut cream pie. Along with whipped cream, toasted coconut flakes are a popular topping for the coconut cream pie.

What type of pie is shown in this picture?

The sweet potato pie is a common desert in Southern American cooking. It has much in common with the pumpkin pie, including being often associated with Thanksgiving dinners.

Can you identify the delightful pie in this image?

This popular sweet British treat is made with a mixture of dried fruit, spices and distilled spirits to which beef is sometimes added. The mince pie was originally a savory pie made with minced meat but it changed over time to exclude the meat with just the sweet fruitiness remaining. It is associated with the Christmas season in many English-speaking countries.

Can you name the scrumptious pie shown in this picture?

The peach is the official state fruit of Georgia in the US. In fact, Georgia’s very fruity nickname is The Peach State. Regardless of those two facts, it is actually the state of California which produces over 50% of all peaches grown in the US, with South Carolina, Georgia and New Jersey being next in line.

Can you identify the delectable pie shown here?

Steak pies are a common and beloved dish in Britain with several varieties found throughout the country. If you want to make your own steak pie a little bit more Irish, try adding some Guinness Stout. For a more Scottish feel to your steak pie meal, serve it with a generous helping of potato chips.

Do you know which delightful pie is in this image?

Quiche is generally regarded as a pie-like dish which is usually made without a top crust and baked. It has been a part of European cuisine from as early as the 13th century. Its popularity in American cuisine soared in the 1970s.

Which type of pie is this a picture of?

Blackberries are rich in vitamins and minerals, making them very healthy fruit to consume. Go easy on the blackberry pie, however, as it is usually made with a generous amount of sugar to help mask the natural tartness of the blackberries.

Do you know which delightful pie is shown here?

Is a pizza a pie? That’s like asking if a hotdog is a sandwich - you’ll find avid supporters either way! Arguments for the pizza as a pie point to the fact that it is made of a round, filled crust – like most other pies.

Can you identify this awesome-looking pie?

Since rhubarb is quite tart, it is usually combined with strawberries to make strawberry rhubarb pie. The tartness of the pie can be minimized, however, by using rhubarb stalks which are quite red, since redder stalks are sweeter.

What type of pie is pictured here?

Although disputed by some persons, the cheesecake is often described as a variety of the cream cheese pie or cheesepie. There are also some sources which say they are, in fact, one and the same.

What type of pie is in this photo?

The key lime pie is especially popular in the Florida Keys but does not take its name directly from the region. The pie is name for its main ingredient – the sought-after hybrid limes known as key limes which grow in the Florida Keys. The limes were named for the Keys – then the pie was named for the limes!

Do you know which pie is in this image?

The vanilla caramel pie is often described as a variation of the cream cheese pie. Its most common topping is a drizzle of caramel over each slice.

What’s the name of the pie in this picture?

Technically, the razzleberry pie is a type of mixed pie but one traditionally made with just blackberries and raspberries. The black-red color combination makes it a very easy pie to spot!

Can you identify the type of pie shown here?

New Zealanders regard the bacon and egg pie as a classic part of the country’s cuisine. The dish is often served with homemade tomato sauce but commercially made ketchup is allowed!

What type of pie is this an image of?

Along with steak and kidney, and steak and ale, the chicken and mushroom pie gets cited as one of the most common savory pies in the UK. Like most other meat pies, the chicken and mushroom pie is usually made with a top and bottom crust.

Which pie is shown here?

The mixed berry pie is also called a bumbleberry pie, the name seeming to suggest that it uses a combination of berries (since there is no bumbleberry fruit!). Combinations of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are most often used, but there is no set rule as the number or type of berries in a mixed berry pie.

What type of pie is shown here?

The fried pie is said to be derived from the crab lantern pastry which was made with crab apples and cooked with slits in the crust. The slits were made to allow for ventilation as the pie fried but they also made the cooked pastry look very much like a lantern.

Do you know which pie this is an image of?

While you will often see the names “cottage pie” and “shepherd’s pie” used interchangeably, there is a distinction between the two: the type of meat used. The cottage pie has beef while, true to its name, the shepherd’s pie has lamb.

What’s the name of the scrumptious pie in this photo?

There’s no doubt that mint and chocolate go well together and that fact is proven in the grasshopper pie. It is typically made with both mint and chocolate liqueur so as to give it the flavors of the grasshopper cocktail after which it is named.

What’s the name of the type of pie in this image?

This classic dessert from the southern American states combines four simple ingredients (flour, eggs, butter and sugar) with plenty of variation in the other ingredients which may be used. The origin of the name “chess” for this pie is still uncertain although it seems to have no association with the game.

Can you identify the scrumptious pie in this picture?

Plums are drupes or stone fruit since they are fleshy with a single, hard seed. They are said to be among the very first set of fruits domesticated by humans and are known to grow on every continent with the exception of Antarctica.

What’s the name of the mouthwatering pie pictured here?

There is no doubt that many Americans love peanut butter – perhaps as much as they do pie! So, the peanut butter pie being popular in the US is no surprise. Most people may not know, however, that there were actually two US presidents who were peanut farmers: Thomas Jefferson (from Virginia) and Jimmy Carter (from Georgia).

Can you name the awesome-looking pie shown in this picture?

This distinctive fish pie may be a turnoff to some but it is a very popular dish, especially in Cornwall (southwest England) where it originated. Traditionally, the fish used is sardine and the pie gets its name from the sardine heads poking out of the top as if gazing at the stars.

What type of pie is shown in this picture?

The original recipe for the banoffee pie included bananas, coffee and toffee. It was invented at The Hungry Monk Restaurant in Jevington, East Sussex in 1971 by the restaurant’s owner and chef. They were trying to “improve” the recipe for another famous pie: Blum's coffee toffee pie.

Can you tell which mouthwatering pie is shown here?

The banana plant can grow to over 16 feet tall and although it is commonly referred to as a tree, the banana is actually classified as a herb. Another fact about the banana which most people may not know is that it is also classified as a berry.

Do you know the name of the delectable pie pictured here?

If “as American as apple pie” is true, then “as British as pork pie” might be truer. This cold pie is made of a thick crust filled with chopped or minced pork, pork fat and pork jelly. Pork pies are a popular part of a hearty British lunch.

Do you know the name of the awesome-looking pie in this photo?

The black bottom pie gets its name from the layer of chocolate pudding at its base. The pudding may be replaced by chocolate pastry cream for a different flavor and texture. The topping is traditionally a layer either meringue or whipped cream which is most often thicker than the “black bottom” layer.

What’s the name of the tasty pie shown here?

Despite its name, the turtle pie is not made with turtle, but it is named after a turtle-shaped candy from the 1920s. The trademarked Turtle candy features pecans and caramel dipped in chocolate and the turtle pie follows suit being made of a chocolate cookie crust with both caramel and pecans in the topping.

Do you know which tasty pie is in this photo?

The bean pie is traditionally made with mashed navy beans (a.k.a. Boston beans or white pea beans). They are associated with African American cuisine and in particular, the cuisine of African American Muslims.

Do you know the name of this delightful pie?

Like most other cream pies, the rich custardy chocolate cream pie is made with a bottom and side crust but no crust on top. It is also served topped with whipped cream as well as a generous sprinkling of chocolate bits.

Do you know the name of the mouthwatering pie in this picture?

The main ingredient of the shoofly pie is molasses and the dish is most often associated with the Pennsylvania Dutch regions of Pennsylvania. There are several variations to the spelling of “shoofly,” including shoo fly, shoo-fly and shoe fly.

Can you name the type of pie shown in this photo?

The fish pie can be made with a wide variety of fish which can be either fresh or smoked. The pie is generally made only with a top crust of mashed potatoes.

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