Quiz: Can You Identify All Of These '70s Bands From An Image?
Can You Identify All Of These '70s Bands From An Image?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Reprise Records/Klaus Hiltscher via Wiki Commons/Polydor

About This Quiz

The 1970s was a great yet devastating decade. There was the Vietnam War, President Nixon resigned, the Super Outbreak happened and several planes crashed. But Stephen Hawking developed his theories about black holes, floppy disks were invented, the feminist movement got its second wind and many social taboos were disregarded.  There was also music and bands. Some of the greatest bands of all time were popular during the '70s and it has inspired us to create this quiz about the groups of that decade. 

So we're going to show you a host of bands. They span all genres, including rock, pop, blues, funk and even reggae. They're a mix of rockers and artists, but they were the best of the decade. Do you think you remember enough about music in the '70s to name all these bands from a picture? Some of them will look very familiar, while some of them won't- but don't worry if you get stuck; we do have hints you can use if you get stumped for a second or two.

So, let's stop talking about it and get to it! Are you ready to pass (or fail) our music quiz? Let's find out!

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