Quiz: Can You Name All These 60s TV Characters From an Image?
Can You Name All These 60s TV Characters From an Image?
By: J.P. Naomi
Image: Jay Ward Productions

About This Quiz

Those were the days my friend! Ahh, the black and white television programs! Doesn't the word "program" just incite an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia in you? If so, this quiz is just for you. How well do you remember some of the greatest television characters from the '60s? Think you can recognize them all simply from one picture? It's time to venture on to this ultimate quiz!

The 1960s were a turning point in television production. We went from black and white to color. We used to watch The Flintstones and Leave It to Beaver with friends and neighbors at the best television on the street! From Detective McGarrett to Gomez Addams, and Dick Van Dyke to sweet-lookin' Miss Kitty Russell, this quiz is sure to bring it all back! The question now is ... can your memory keep up?

Is your memory so good that you can keep up with this challenge? Are you ready to take the last train to Clarksville with Davy Jones and see if Carol Brady will let you hear some of that good time music, that you love to hear? It's time to hop aboard this big groovy van ... we're heading back  to the 60s and it's gonna be a gas! Good luck!

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