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If 60s television doesn't bring back a warm wave of nostalgia, then we don't know what will! From kid-friendly fare like "The Adventures of Scooby-Doo," "Flipper," and "The Jetsons," to more family-oriented shows like "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends" and "I Dream of Jeannie," there was also something with an amazing musical intro blaring from the TV speakers. 

The 1960s were a turning point in television production. We went from black and white to color. Some shows, like "F Troop," were even shot half one way and half the other (not in the same season, of course.) 

Besides making the move from black and white film to color, shows in the 1960s were experimenting with genre, especially satire. From "Get Smart" to the "Fractured Fairy Tales" segment on "Rocky and Bullwinkle," audiences were ready to poke fun at the serious tropes of television shows past.

If you're a real 60s TV aficionado, or grew up in the 1990s watching "Nick at Nite," then take this quiz to see if you can identify all of these 60s TV characters with just a single image!

Which 60s TV character was a Monkee?

Born David Thomas Jones on December 30, 1945, Davy Jones was a member of "The Monkees," which was both a TV show and touring band. He was also a Broadway actor. Jones received a Tony nomination for his role in "Oliver!"

Which 60s TV character was sort of monstrous?

Herman was the patriarch of the Munster household in the hit CBS sitcom, "The Munsters." He was portrayed by actor, Fred Gwynne, who was later known for his roles in "The Cotton Club," "Pet Sematary" and "My Cousin Vinny."

Which character is Scooby's buddy?

Remember Shaggy? He was more interested in eating than solving mysteries! Shaggy Rogers made his first appearance in the episode entitled, "What a Night for a Knight," which was the first episode in the "Scooby-Doo" series.

Which 60s TV cartoon neighbor is seen here?

When "The Flintstones" first aired in 1959, the voice of Barney Rubble was performed by Daws Butler. Beginning in 1960 and beyond, it was Mel Blanc, who is also remembered for his voice as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, Road Runner and many more!

Which 60s TV character was an astronaut?

"I Dream of Jeannie" character, Captain Tony Nelson, was portrayed by Larry Hagman. The show aired from September 18, 1965 until May 26, 1970, with a total of 139 episodes!

Jack Lord played which 60s TV character?

You remember Steve McGarrett from "Hawaii Five-O," don't you? He was portrayed by Jack Lord between 1968 and 1980. McGarrett was then portrayed by Alex O'Loughlin in the 2010 remake of the series.

Robert Vaughn played which character?

Napoleon Solo was portrayed by Robert Francis Vaughn in the 1960s television series, "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." He is also remembered for his role as Harry Rule in the 1970s series, "The Protectors."

"The Beverly Hillbillies" always began with "The Ballad of ______?"

Remember Jed's catchphrase? "Welllllll, doggies!" Did you know that he was one of only three characters to appear in all 274 episodes of "The Beverly Hillbillies?"

Which 60s TV character was Mom to "three very lovely girls?"

The mother of Marsha, Jan and Cindy, Florence Henderson starred as Carol Brady on "The Brady Bunch" from 1969 to 1974. She was not only an actress, but a singer as well, and even broke out a few tunes on "The Brady Bunch!"

Which 60s TV character lives in the future space age?

George Jetson was the husband of Jane and the father of Judy and Elroy. His voice was performed by George O'Hanlon from 1962 - 1989, when he died during recording of "Jetsons: The Movie."

Which moose-companion is seen here?

"The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends" aired from 1959 to 1964. There were 163 episodes in total, which ran across five seasons. Rocky was voiced by June Foray, and later by Nick Taylor and Seth Green. The show gave us other memorable characters like Dudley Do-Right and Mr. Peabody.

Which 60s TV officer yelled a lot?

Frank Spencer Sutton was an American actor best remembered for his role as Gunnery Sergeant Vince Carter on the CBS television series, "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." Sutton died of a heart attack at the young age of 50 in 1974.

Which 60s TV character married a witch?

The role of Darrin Stephens was portrayed by two different actors, both named Dick! It was Dick York from 1964 to 1969 and then Dick Sargent from 1969 to 1972.

Which 60s TV character was a horse whisperer?

Wilbur Post was portrayed by Alan Young in the 1960s series, "Mister Ed," about a man and his wise-cracking horse. Did you know that all 143 episodes of "Mister Ed" were filmed in black and white?

Lorne Greene portrayed which 60s TV character?

Lorne Hyman Greene was a Canadian actor, radio personality and singer who is best remembered for his role as Ben Cartwright in "Bonanza," as well as Commander Adama in "Battlestar Galactica." He was active in the television industry from 1939 until 1987.

David Janssen played which TV professional?

David Janssen won the role of Dr. Richard Kimble in the 1960s drama series, "The Fugitive." The show aired 120 episodes across four seasons: the first three of which were in black and white, but the final one was shot in color.

Which Western character was played by Amanda Blake?

Remember the red-haired Miss Kitty Russell? She was portrayed in "Gunsmoke" by Amanda Blake. Blake was active in television and film from 1950 until her death in 1989.

Which 60s TV character was in the Navy?

"McHale's Navy" aired in black and white on ABC from October 11, 1962 until April 12, 1966. Ernest Borgnine, who played McHale, acted until he died at 95 years old. His last regular role was on "SpongeBob SquarePants."

Which 60s TV character from a British espionage show is seen here?

Patrick Macnee played John Steed on the spy series,"The Avengers." The show ran for six seasons. While technically a British show, it was actually produced by American company, ABC.

Which 60s TV character was at home on and in the water?

In the television series, "Flipper," Sandy Ricks was portrayed by child actor Luke Halpin. Many decades later, Halpin has had a long career as an actor, stuntman and marine coordinator! Flipper was played by five different female dolphins: Susie, Kathy, Patty, Scotty and Squirt.

Which 60s TV character was stranded on an island?

Actress Tina Louise portrayed the lovely Ginger Grant on "Gilligan's Island." Did you know her breakthrough role came in the 1958 film, "God's Little Acre?" In fact, she received a Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year for her performance.

Which 60s TV character was married to Morticia?

As we all know, Gomez Addams was the patriarch of "The Addams Family." But did you know that his character was created by cartoonist, Charles Addams, for The New Yorker magazine in the 1930s? It was later turned into a television series, as well as multiple films.

Who co-hosted a 60s comedy variety show?

Daniel Hale Rowan was featured in the television show "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In." It was in this role that he won the 1969 Emmy for Outstanding Variety or Musical Series!

Which "Petticoat Junction" character is seen here?

Who could forget Uncle Joe from "Petticoat Junction," "Green Acres" and "The Beverly Hillbillies?" He was portrayed by actor Edgar Buchanan, who was actually also a dentist.

Which actor played the husband of Laura Petrie?

Dick Van Dyke played Rob Petrie on "The Dick Van Dyke Show." Did you know that Dick Van Dyke's entertainment career has spanned seven decades? He is currently living in Malibu, California.

Which 60s TV character lived in the "Wild Wild West?"

James West was portrayed by actor Robert Conrad. Did you know that Conrad claims to be the 17th actor to audition for the role of James West? He also performed most of his own stunts.

Which 60s TV character was Batman's sidekick?

Robin's character was originally created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson. His purpose was to serve as a junior counterpart to the superhero, Batman. DC Comics are the ones to thank for this dynamic duo. Robin first appeared in the comics in 1940. The original TV show was on from 1966-1968.

William Shatner famously played which role?

James Tiberius "Jim" Kirk was portrayed in the "Star Trek" media universe by three different people throughout the franchise history: William Shatner (1966–1994); Chris Pine ((2009–present); and Jimmy Bennett (2009, as a child.)

"Lost in Space" featured which character?

Guy Williams was born Armando Joseph Catalano on January 14, 1924. He was not only a "Lost in Space" and "Zorro" actor, he was also a fashion model!

Which character is from "Perry Mason?"

Della Street of "Perry Mason" was portrayed by actress, Barbara Hale. The series premiered on September 21, 1957 and ran through May 22, 1966! But it wasn't just a TV show; it was a long-running radio show and there were more than 80 "Perry Mason" novels and short stories written.

Which character is from "Green Acres?"

Oliver Wendell Douglas was portrayed by actor Eddie Albert. Did you know that Albert was a Lieutenant in the United States Navy from 1942 - 1945? He fought in the Battle of Tarawa and was awarded a Bronze Star medal.

Which character led a group of heroes?

In 1965, Bob Crane was offered the starring role in a television situation comedy about a German POW camp. Today, we remember it as "Hogan's Heroes." It was an instant hit back in the 1960s and finished in the broadcast ratings top 10 during its first year on the air.

Which 60s TV character has an animal nickname?

Theodore Cleaver was better known as "Beaver" on the 1950s and 1960s television series, "Leave It to Beaver." Jerry Mathers, who played Beaver, ended up getting a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley.

Which 60s TV character had three sons?

Frederick Martin MacMurray played the role of Steven Douglas, the widowed patriarch on "My Three Sons." He is best known, however, for his role in the 1944 film. "Double Indemnity."

Which 60s TV character had a shoe phone?

"Get Smart" was created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. The show satirized the serious spy agency shows of the era. After five seasons, the show ended, but not before "broadening the parameters for the presentation of comedy on television," according to the Museum of Broadcast Communications.

Which 60s TV character is from "Big Valley?"

Victoria Barkley, portrayed by Barbara Stanwyck, was the widow of Thomas Barkley. She appeared in the television series, "The Big Valley," a Western about a 19th century California ranch.

Ken Berry played which 60s TV character?

"F Troop" debuted on September 14, 1965 on ABC. Though its first season was broadcast in black and white, season two (which was also its last season) was in color. It was a largely physical-comedy based satire about soldiers in the wild West in the 1860s.

Steven Hill played which "Mission: Impossible" character?

Steven Hill was born Solomon Krakovsky on February 24, 1922 in Seattle, Washington. He is best remembered for two major roles: first as Dan Briggs in "Mission: Impossible," and secondly as Adam Schiff on "Law & Order."

Which 60s TV character is from "The Andy Griffith Show?"

Barney Fife of "The Andy Griffith Show" was portrayed by Don Knotts. Do you remember the name of the town where Fife was the deputy sheriff? Mayberry, North Carolina, of course!

Which 60s TV host and zoologist is seen here?

Richard Marlin Perkins was a zoologist and is best remembered as the host of "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom," from 1963 to 1985. There is a statue of him that stands in Central Park of his hometown, Carthage, Missouri.

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