Quiz: Can You Finish These English Proverbs?
Can You Finish These English Proverbs?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: PCH

About This Quiz

Think you know your proverbs? The English language is full of them. Proverbs are short and snappy sayings that are in common use. They always state some kind of broad advice or general truth. They are a short and cute way of expressing bits of common wisdom that can apply to almost anyone, across a wide range of life's situations. They often relate to things like handling money, love, work, loss, friendship, status, health and other things that all people are concerned with on a regular basis. Proverbs cover the trials, tribulations, pleasures, pitfalls, successes and failures of life that everyone experiences on a daily basis.

These sayings are short and concise. They contain a wise thought or general belief. They are also often referred to as maxims or adages. Famous English language proverbs include sayings like "Haste makes waste." People often use them or variations of them in everyday conversation without thinking. Variations of them pop up all the time because they are so ingrained in the English language. Some have even been around for centuries.

If you are an English language lover who has a handle on proverbs, put your knowledge to the test with the world's most proverbial quiz!

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