Quiz: Can You Recall These Childhood Nursery Rhymes?
Can You Recall These Childhood Nursery Rhymes?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Are you a nursery rhyme expert who always knows how to fill in the blanks? Nursery rhymes are a childhood staple and have been for generations and generations. For centuries, children in the western world have sung, spoken, played, learned, recited and been entertained by all kinds of nursery rhymes. These rhymes are so influential and can be such a big part of children's lives that many adults still love and remember them. They're often referenced in music, movies, books and more. Some of these are meant for kids, while others are meant for adult enjoyment. It might surprise you to learn of some of the famous creators who still play with nursery rhymes.  

Some nursery rhymes are newer, while others are centuries old. Some even date back to the time of Shakespeare or the Middle Ages. This was long before the United States of America was even a country. While some teach rudimentary lessons to kids, others are pure nonsense. In fact, some of the most seemingly fun nursery rhymes actually refer to dark facts of the past. If you are a true nursery rhyme lover and a real expert who knows the difference between Monday's Child and Thursday's Child, put your rhyming prowess to the test with this challenging and fun nostalgic nursery rhyme quiz! 

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