Respond With One Word to These Awkward Situations and We'll Guess How Many People You've Slept With

By: Teresa McGlothlin
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About This Quiz

The only thing worse than an awkward pause in a conversation is an awkward situation. When you are presented with some strange scenarios, how will you respond? Using only one word to respond will tell us exactly how many people you've slept with during your lifetime. 

As we feel our way through his quiz, you are going to be put in some uncomfortable situations. From seeing your parents get it on to catching your boss in the bathroom taking care of business, the way you respond to these awkward moments will tell us more about you than we really need to know. Fortunately for you, all we are trying to find out is the number of people you've shared your bed with. 

Once you read the awkward situation we are presenting, try to imagine it really happening to you. Then, read our possible one-word responses, and choose the word that sums up the way you would really react. We promise not to share your responses with anyone. Instead, we will use the whole of your answers to examine the traits of people who have slept with the same number of people as you. 

Will you be amazed with our skills? Let's find out!

You see your best friend's boyfriend kissing someone else. What do you do?

Your boss bursts into your bathroom stall while you're taking care of business. How do you feel?

You loudly pass wind at the grocery store. What do you do?

After a night out, you wake up next to a stranger. What do you do?

Your best friend makes a pass at you. What do you do?

Your last ex shows up at a family dinner. How do you feel?

Your mom walks in on you while you're getting busy. What do you say?

Your pants fall down in the grocery store line. What emotion does your face show?

You get caught sleeping in a meeting. What do you say?

Your date has something stuck in their teeth. How do you tell them?

You get set up on a horrible blind date. What do you do?

Your date falls ill in the middle of dinner. How do you react?

You are asked to sum up your current sex life. Which word do you use?

You really like your date, but they are a horrible kisser. What would you do?

Your partner has horrible breath. What do you do?

Your bed partner wants to try a new move. How do you react?

You get catfished on a date. How do you react?

You catch your love interest texting someone else. What do you do?

Your best friends asks you to join a threesome. How do you feel about it?

Your partner asks you to choose a safe word. What is it?

Your partner wants you to pretend to be an animal. Which one do you choose?

You wake up from a sexy dream about a coworker. What do you do now?

You fall off your chair at dinner. What do you do?

Your current love interest surprises you with a proposal. What do you say?

Your dog gets extra friendly with your neighbor's leg. How do you feel?

You get too drunk at a party and throw up in the punch. What do you do?

Your date falls asleep at the movies. What do you do?

You walk in on your parents having an afternoon delight. What do you do?

Your partner wants to get busy in the car. What do you say?

You find yourself fantasizing about your ex. What do you do?

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