Quiz: On a Scale of 1-10, How Millennial Are You?
On a Scale of 1-10, How Millennial Are You?
By: Ryan Choate
Image: Alexander Spatari/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

A generation is a group of people born around the same time. People within a generation often share similar characteristics, preferences and values. There are currently five generations in our society: Generation Z, millennials, Generation X, baby boomers and the silent generation. However, our focus for this quiz is on the millennials.

Millennials grew up and began their careers during a time when almost every home had an internet connection and computer. They entered the workforce during the largest economic decline since the Great Depression. These things have shaped how they live their lives.

Millennials believe that parenting is a partnership - both moms and dads should take equal responsibility for childcare. They've seen their parents split duties, often based on stereotypes, and they're not going for it. 

They are also changing the way things are being marketed. Millennials want to purchase from companies that support a cause and are ethically responsible. They support brands that stand for more than their bottom line. In fact, over a third of millennials would rather pay more for a product or service in order to support a cause they believe in. 

Millennials are also more adventurous than previous generations. They value experiences over material goods, which means they want to explore new worlds. They want a healthy work-life balance. And why wouldn't they? Work was hard to find when millennials first came of age. 

Millennials are changing the way the world works. Many complain, but they've introduced the world to a more empathetic way of being. How millennial are you?

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Think back to your childhood. What was your favorite game to play?

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What's your favorite social media app?

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We can't all be our own bosses. What's your preferred leadership style?

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Sometimes you can't get away from your computer at work. But how often do you use your computer for personal use?

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Life isn't all work. Where do you kick back and have fun?

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We all have our bad habits. What's your worst one?

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Binging on Netflix is addicting. But a good book can be addicting too. How many books have you read in the last year?

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We all need sleep. How much do you get?

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Everyone loves cartoons, right? Which of the following is your favorite?

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What is the greatest movie or movie franchise of all time?

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Netflix wasn't always around. Which network show was your favorite?

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You need to do some chores around the house. What do you listen to in order to help pass the time?

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Texting has become an essential communication method. Which abbreviation do you use the most?

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Each generation almost has its own technology. What do you find yourself having to explain to others?

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When listing off the most influential presidents, Ronald Reagan often makes that list. Was he a good president?

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Everyone has a cell phone these days. What do you mostly use yours to do?

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Imagine you just won a free vacation, but only to one of the countries listed. Which seems like the most dangerous option that needs to be avoided?

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Staying on top of current events can be a challenge. Where do you get your news?

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Which type of reward motivates you the most?

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Every generation attended school. How did you keep your school supplies organized?

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