Quiz: The Ultimate Olympic National Park Quiz
The Ultimate Olympic National Park Quiz
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Olympic National Park offers a breathtaking, natural territory that has glaciers, mountains, rivers, rain forests and beaches. Recreational activities abound and there is loads of fun for the entire family. Take this quiz to learn more about Olympic National Park.

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What body of water meets the coast of Olympic National Park?
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How many campgrounds are there at Olympic National Park?
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Which tall spruce tree can be found in Olympic National Park?
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Where in Washington is the Olympic National Park?
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Olympic National Park was established in:
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What is the name of the mountain range at the heart of Olympic National Park?
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Which of these refers to a high region of the park?
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Which English sea captain first sighted the peninsula's tallest mountain in 1788?
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Before the park was named Olympic National Park, what was it called?
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How many acres does the Olympic National Park cover?
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