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It's the show that put female prisoners on center stage. How much do you know about "Orange is the New Black" and its all-star cast?

In which state is Litchfield Penitentiary set?

The prison in the show is entirely fictional.

How episodes are there in the first season?

All of the episodes were streamed via Netflix.

The actress who plays Alex was first made famous by which show?

Her role as Donna propelled her to celebrity status.

How does the title of each episode eventually wind up in each show?

It's one of the quirks of the writers.

Which Netflix original series attracts the most viewers?

Years after its first season, the show is still topping other big hits.

The real-life inspiration for Piper did time in prison for what criminal activity?

She pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, too.

For how long was the real-life Piper in prison?

She spent 13 months (of an original 15-month sentence) in a minimum-security prison.

In 2016, the show won a People's Choice Award in what category?

The show is Netflix's biggest hit.

Who directed the first episode of the second season?

Foster became interested in the show after reading the book.

Which character is impregnated by a correctional officer?

Their illicit affair is a constant storyline in the show.

Which character was the second person to be cast as part of the show?

His fiancée, Piper, was the first.

The actress for which character received an NAACP Image Award for her acting in the show?

Her strong character is an anchor for many episodes.

Who was first offered the role of Maury Kind, a fictional radio show host?

Glass turned down the part and it went instead to Robert Stanton.

For which role did Laura Prepon originally audition?

Unfortunately for Prepon, she was deemed just not right for the part.

In 2015, which actress was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Series Musical or Comedy?

However, she did not win.

Why did Laura Prepon not regularly appear in season 2?

Prepon has kept busy with other projects in addition to "Orange is the New Black."

In real life, what athletic endeavor did "Crazy Eyes" take seriously at Boston University?

She was a sprinter on the track team.

What's the birth country of Dascha Polanco, who plays Dayanara?

In the show she carries her first baby; in real life she has two children.

Where did filming for the series commence?

The center was built in 1927 and eventually abandoned.

The actresses playing Vee, Taystee and Samira Wiley all went to which school before appearing in the show?

They knew each other during their school years.

Which character is constantly dropping the name of her supposed fiancé?

She drones on and on about "Christopher."

Which actress plays "Sophia Burset?"

Her character is transgender and works as the prison's hairdresser.

In what other TV series do "Red" and Piper appear together?

Fittingly, she plays an authority figure, mother to Taylor Shilling's character.

In which year did the show debut on Netflix?

Considering its popularity, the show is likely to continue for several more seasons.

In which other show did Kate Mulgrew ("Red") have a regular starring role?

She was Captain Janeway, the first female captain in the "Star Trek" franchise.

What is the nickname of Lea DeLaria's character?

In real life she is also a touring jazz musician.

Why does Pennsatucky wind up in prison?

The nurse taunted Doggett for having so many (five) abortions.

Who sings the song featured in the opening credits?

The name of the song is "You've Got Time."

In real life, "Flaca" had which job?

She's also been a waitress and used to be friends with Kourtney Kardashian.

How many times did producers ask Taryn Manning to audition before offering her a role as Tiffany Doggett?

She was so perfect for the part that she didn't even have to try out.

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