Quiz: Nursery Rhyme Trivia
Nursery Rhyme Trivia
By: Staff
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When it comes to old nursery rhymes, stories and singing games, most of us adults remember a lot more than we think we do. Teaching these traditions to our children and grandchildren is a wonderful way to bond and teach them about the past. But how much do we know about the stories behind the beloved tales?

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The first-ever recorded speech was a tinfoil phonograph recording of which nursery rhyme?
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"Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" refers to which British monarch?
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Bloody Mary's penchant for burning people at the stake also inspired this rhyme.
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Which member of Henry the Eighth's court is being lampooned in "Little Boy Blue"?
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In "Jack Sprat," to what do the "fat" and "lean" really refer?
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Which of these unlikely rhymes is actually based on a real event?
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Which rhyme is commonly believed to detail the fate of Marie Antoinette, among others?
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To what does Humpty Dumpty's "great fall" really refer?
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Which of these historical figures is immortalized in the words of "Georgie Porgie"?
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What was the organization that denounced many of the most popular nursery rhymes for "harbouring unsavoury elements"?
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Which nursery rhyme purportedly references peep shows?
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What was the job of the real-life "Lucy Locket"?
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Which nursery rhyme was involved in a lawsuit in 2009?
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This still-popular rhyme gets negative marks for both racism and violence.
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Which nursery rhyme can also be read as an exploration of child labor?
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Which English king's failed request for an annulment allegedly inspired "Old Mother Hubbard"?
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These two boys' names are frequently used in nursery rhymes because they were historically used as a generic name for any Englishman.
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The lion's share of the nursery-rhyme canon originated in this century.
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Which character lends his name to the title of the first published nursery-rhyme collection?
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When was the first mention of Mother Goose?
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The Great Custom, an unpopular 13th-century tax, inspired which nursery rhyme?
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This rhyme is probably about a cash-strapped guy who goes out for a night on the town.
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Which of these nursery rhymes is about a title-selling scam by the Bishop of Glastonbury?
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Which nursery rhyme originated in a women's prison?
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The myth-debunking site Snopes.com discredits a common theory about which nursery rhyme?
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"Rain, Rain, Go Away" originated during a war between England and this country.
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