Quiz: The Ultimate Nursery Decorating Ideas Quiz
The Ultimate Nursery Decorating Ideas Quiz
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Decorating a baby nursery can be a delightful endeavor. Take the quiz and find out how to make the baby nursery a pleasure to behold.

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In addition to a crib and a comfy chair, what other piece of furniture should you put in the nursery?
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At what age do babies start to detect details and distinguish shades of color?
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Which of the following characters would NOT be suitable to use as decoration in a young child's bedroom?
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What are two of the most popular thematic elements for little boys' bedrooms?
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In a room that faces south or west, what type of color is most effective?
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Cranberry, barn, ruby and coral are all shades of which color?
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What is one of the main advantages of using white wicker furniture in a baby girl's nursery?
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What kinds of stories provide a good source of ideas for decorating a nursery?
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Which one of the following characters is NOT part of the Alice in Wonderland story?
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If you don't use characters as a theme, what else can you use to decorate a child's room?
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In the nursery, what is the most important aspect of the footstool that goes with the easy chair?
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Can you use a sturdy chest, dresser, or desk as a changing table for the baby?
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Can a baby share his or her room with a sibling?
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