Quiz: North American History Quiz
North American History Quiz
By: Allison Lips
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How much do you really know about North America? If you're from the United States, your history class focused on American history from a U.S. perspective. However, Canadians would protest if you tried to convince them that the United States won the War of 1812 because a case could be made that the United Kingdom, which Canada was then a part of, actually won the war.

You also cannot forget the United States' southern neighbor. The United States fought Mexico in the Mexican-American War. While that war had a clear winner, both countries were left with some confusingly named places. New Mexico is not part of Mexico, but Baja California is. At least, it's not quite a case of the two Vancouvers. There's a Vancouver in Washington state and the well-known one in Canada. 

Further south, there are Mexico's southern neighbors, which are Guatemala and Belize, in Central America. If you go even further, you will find more countries. Eventually, you'll get to Panama, which has a history tied to the United States. We've touched on a lot of history, and we haven't even mentioned the peoples in North America before European settlers!

Are you confident you remember North American history from school? How much do you know about the shared history of Canada, Mexico, and the United States? Find out with this quiz!

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How many Canadian provinces are there?
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What is the trade agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico called?
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Which people created a large empire in modern-day Mexico in the 15th and 16th centuries?
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Which Mesoamerican people used a hieroglyphic writing system?
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Who was the first prime minister of Canada?
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Which parallel divides most of Canada from the United States?
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What year did the United States return full control of the Panama Canal to Panama?
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Which city is the capital of Mexico?
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Which city is the capital of Canada?
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Which American city is the United Nations' headquarters in?
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What name is commonly used to refer to natives of Canada?
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Canada is a commonwealth of which country?
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Which country is not in Central America?
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If you want to drive from Seattle to Alaska, which country do you pass through?
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Which U.S. state does not border Canada?
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What is the mostly widely spoken language in Mexico?
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Which Canadian city was founded by Samuel de Champlain?
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Which country does not border Mexico?
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Which is not a Mexican state?
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Which country has never been a commonwealth of the United States?
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Which country has a maple leaf on its flag?
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What war took place between 1846 to 1848 because the United States wanted to expand its territory south?
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Who presides over the U.S. Senate?
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Which is not a Canadian Province?
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Which country's flag never flew over Texas?
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Who was the U.S. president during the War of 1812?
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What were the Spanish conquerors of Mexico and Peru called?
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Which explorer is associated with the myth about the Fountain of Youth?
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Which group consisted of the first Europeans to reach Canada?
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What is the federal legislature of Canada called?
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On what date is Canada day celebrated?
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What was the Aztec capital called?
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