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The Vikings, or Norsemen, terrorized northern Europe from 800-1100 C.E. See how much you know about the myths and legends of these mighty warriors with our Norse mythology quiz!

Where did all mighty Norse warriors hope to go after death?

Norse warriors sought a place in Valhalla, where they could live among the gods.

What texts are the main sources of Norse mythology?

Most of what we know about Norse mythology comes from two texts known as the Eddas, both of which were not written until the Norse had dropped their mythical beliefs in favor of Christianity.

What are the two Eddas called?

The Eddas consist of "The Poetic", or elder, and "The Prose," or younger. The first of these is mainly poetry, while the second covers the mythology of the Norse gods.

What did the Norse call their epic poems?

Skald were the complex sagas and epic poems of the Norse from 900 to 1200 C.E. Combined with the Eddas, the skald serve as a record of Norse mythology.

What did the Norse call the fiery region to the south of their world?

Muspel, which means "world's end," was a fiery region to the south of the Norse world.

What happened when the Muspel collided with the frozen world to the north known as the Niflheim?

When Muspel met Niflheim, the world began — think of it as a big bang for the Vikings.

What was the first living thing, according to Norse myth?

The first living thing according to Norse mythology was Ymir, a primordial frost giant.

What was the first animal, created to accompany and nourish Ymir?

After Ymir came a cow named Audhumla that generated four streams of milk to feed the hungry giant.

Who kills Ymir and creates the rest of the world?

Odin destroys Ymir and uses his body parts to make the world — literally. Blood became rivers, and skin became land.

What does Odin use to form the first two humans?

Odin fashions the first two humans out of logs, naming them Ask and Embla, meaning ash and elm.

What was the name of the heavenly home of the gods?

The Norse version of heaven was Asgard, which was filled with palaces and halls, including Valhalla.

What was Ragnarok?

In Norse mythology, Ragnarok refers to an apocalyptic battle between the gods and the giants.

What was the name of Odin's favorite son?

Balder, known as "the good" or "the beautiful," was Balder's favorite son, despite his lack of success and achievement beyond his looks.

What innocuous item kills Balder?

Balder dies when he is struck by a mistletoe dart his blind brother shoots at him.

True or false: The word "brag" comes the Norse god Bragi.

Bragi was the god of poetry and elegance and gave us the modern word "brag," meaning "to boast."

Who was the Norse god of agriculture and fertility?

Freyr was the Norse god of agriculture and fertility, while his twin sister Freya was the goddess of marriage.

What was the name of Odin's wife?

Frigg was not only Odin's wife, but also celebrated as the mother goddess and the ruler of the sky.

True or false: Frigg is the reason we kiss under the mistletoe.

After losing her son to a mistletoe dart, Frigg promised to kiss all those who pass under mistletoe, giving us the tradition we follow today.

How many mothers does Heimdall have?

For unexplained reasons, legend holds that Heimdall has nine mothers. He is also Odin's son and is responsible for maintaining social order among humans.

What did the Norse call Earth?

The Norse referred to Earth as Midgard — the place where humans live — and believed that it was connected to heaven by a bridge.

True or false: In Norse myth, the underworld was ruled by a woman.

Hel, the goddess of death and the underworld, ruled the dead in the Norse tradition.

What is the name of Bragi's wife?

Idun is the Norse goddess of immortality.

What does Idun need to help the gods stay young and vital?

Idun relies on the golden apples of youth to help the gods and goddesses maintain their youth.

What is Loki best known for?

Loki is a well-known trickster. While he is friends with Odin, he is also the one who ultimately triggers the great battle of Ragnarok.

How long does Odin hang from a tree to learn wisdom?

In a clear reference to Christianity's influence, Odin pierces himself with a spear and hangs himself from a great tree for nine days to learn wisdom.

Who was the Norse ruler of the sky?

Thor was ruler of the sky and the god of lightning and thunder.

What weapon did Thor carry?

Thor's mighty hammer, known as Mjolnir, was capable of destroying a mountain in a single swing.

True or false: Two days of the week are named for Norse gods.

Thursday was inspired by Thor, while Friday comes from the god Frigg.

Who was the greatest human hero in Norse mythology?

Sigurd was the Norse King Arthur, perhaps best known for killing a dragon named Fafnir.

Which of these novels bears a strong resemblance to a common Norse myth?

One prevalent Norse myth revolves around a dwarf who makes a gold ring that is cursed to doom any who possess it. "Lord of the Rings" anyone?

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