Quiz: Can You Score 24/30 on This Difficult American History Quiz?
Can You Score 24/30 on This Difficult American History Quiz?
By: John Miller
Image: Jack Kightlinger

About This Quiz

On July 4, 1776, a new nation declared itself in the Declaration of Independence, a document unique in the history of humankind. In the Declaration, the United States (rather politely) indicated that it intended to separate from Britain and establish a new country. King Henry responded with death threats, but it was too late – America's story had already begun. What do you know about the history of the United States?

You probably already know that America isn’t a pure democracy. Instead, it’s a type of republic, one that allows its people to vote for their leaders. What do you know about the men and women who helped America emerge from the backwaters of the world into a true superpower?

From the start, America has experienced plenty of armed conflict, sometimes by no intentions of its own. Do you know the deadliest battles in this nation’s history? And do recall the wars that the United States found simply to maintain its own survival?

Revolutions and World Wars aside, American ingenuity has played a role in technological and democratic advances in the lives of countless people, but its society has inflicted a share of hardship, too. Let’s see if you really know the failures and the triumphs of the United States in our history quiz!

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What was the name of the first permanent settlement in the New World?
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In 1775, what happened at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts?
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What's the name of an act that contributed to the start of the American Revolution?
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Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
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The 18th Amendment pertained to which issue?
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What was the first battle of the American Civil War?
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Who was the SECOND president of the United States?
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The Watergate scandal ruined which American president's administration?
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In the War of 1812, America fought against _____.
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Which American president was assassinated in 1865?
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The "antebellum" period preceded which event in American history?
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What was one of President Theodore Roosevelt's signature achievements?
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The Cold War found America at odds with which country?
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What is the deadliest war in American history?
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The first 10 Amendments to the Constitution are called _____
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In the U.S., what's the name of the largest area controlled by Native Americans?
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Which Civil War battle essentially meant the end of the Confederacy?
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Which U.S. president led America into World War I?
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In the 1940s and '50s, the "Red Scare" was a backlash against ______.
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True or false, has the United States ever invaded Canada?
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Which general helped lead the Union to victory in the Civil War?
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Which one of the following American presidents served first?
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In 1970, the Kent State shootings made headlines all over the country, as four college students died at the hands of _____
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A man named John J. Pershing became exceptionally famous during which era of American history?
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True or false, was the American flag designed by a high school student?
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On September 14, 1847, American forces captured which city?
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In the 1930s, which event caused massive disruptions in American society?
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Which achievement did America claim July 20, 1969?
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