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The internet is going crazy! The highest score we've seen coming out of this vocabulary quiz is a 29 out of 35, but we think you might just be the one person out there that can break the record. In fact, you'll never know just how good your vocabulary is unless you take this test. 

As you cruise through our questions, we will ask you to choose the word that matches the definition, we'll ask you to watch for spelling, and we'll ask you to fill in a few blanks. In full disclosure, we're not going to make it easy. While participation trophies do have their place in this world, this quiz is designed to satisfy the delights of any real word nerd. 

We are putting our faith in you because we know that you can do it! However, we are also trusting that you will not resort to using any dictionary or thesaurus. After all, you want legitimate bragging rights about your vocabulary skills, and those cannot be found in the pages of any book. 

Will you be the only person on the internet who can score higher than 29/35? You'll have to answer our questions to find out!

Which word is a synonym of acquiesce?

When you acquiesce to a situation, you are concurring with the way things are. Instead of protesting or offering an argument, acquiescing means to quietly consent and go with the flow.


Which word means excessive pride or self-confidence?

Frequently used when describing political candidates, hubris means being full of excessive pride. For example, Napoleon's hubris may have been his downfall instead of his strength.


Which word is the opposite of nemesis?

While you might be able to be victorious over some, you will never be able to overcome your nemesis. Don't give up though, you never know when they might have a weak moment.


Fill in the blank: His _________ reaction to losing was unattractive.

Sardonic folks are hard to be around when they lose. They are cynical, bitter, and scornful. They are not what you would call gracious losers.


How would you define the word plethora?

If you have a plethora of something, you have an abundance or an excess. For instance, Thanksgiving dinners offer a plethora of tasty foods.


Fill in the blank: Sally's work was so __________, she won awards for accuracy.

Paying attention to every single detail made Sally so meticulous that she has won many awards. Be like Sally. Be meticulous with your answers from here on out, and you'll ace this test.


What is it called when a single person speaks alone for a prolonged period of time?

You might see your bosses speeches as nothing short of monologues, but he might just be trying to prove a point. Either way, his monologues make you need an extra cup of coffee after any meeting.


Which word means boorish or insensitive?

While some folks are friendly, there are others out there of the obtuse variety. Meaning unfeeling or insensitive, obtuse personalities can be quite trying to be around.


Which word means that the sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts?

Holistic means to think of the whole before the parts that make up the whole. Many people recognize the term from alternative medicine.


Which word would be used to describe a mysterious person?

Often used to describe things we find mysterious or beyond our understanding, enigma means puzzling. For instance, the Bermuda triangle is a complete enigma.


How would you use the word juxtaposition in a sentence?

Juxtaposition is more than just a fun word to say. It's a word that perfectly describes putting two things together, side-by-side, for comparison. In this case, the area rug's features and functionality are juxtaposed against one another.


What do instructors give college students at the beginning of a semester?

Usually used in reference to manuals or instructions, Rubrics are also used to outline college courses. They allow the reader or the student to know what to expect in written and outlined form.


Fill in the blank: Teenage brains are still in their _________ years.

Teenage brains are in still in their formative years. Meaning molding, growing, or fabricating growth, the brain's formative years last until approximately age 24.


Which word is the antonym of incongruous?

If something is incongruous, it may seem oddly out of place. Being incongruous means that something is not consistent with the parts around it.


Which word is the synonym of abate?

Medical professionals use the term abate when describing pain levels. If a patient's level of pain is abating, it is decreasing in intensity.


Which word means the same as diligent?

While some of us take pride in being diligent about their work, we all have that one coworker who could win the slacker of the year award. It's a good thing for you, you are steadfast and industrious in your work.


Fill in the blank: He was so __________ about it, it was obvious he didn't care.

If someone is nonchalant about something, they are seemingly unconcerned. For example, we're sure you cannot believe how nonchalant about some people are about their vocabularies. You like to pay attention to yours!


Which word is a synonym of insight?

If you have the ability to see inside situations and to distinguish relationships appropriately, you possess a lot of sagacity. Your thoughts remain unclouded, and you have the intelligence to see the truth.


Which word is the opposite of provocative?

Television shows in the '50s were not as provocative as they are today. Being provocative means to solicit thoughts that stimulate the imagination. It is usually used in more racy or negative connotations.


If you have good judgement, you are said to be __________?

If you chose the word prudent, you know what we're talking about. You have prudently chosen the right word through your logical and sound judgment.


Which word means believable, but not true?

Instead of being called fake news, we wonder why it's not called spurious news. Many headlines are believable but not actually true. They are spurious.


Which word could be used to describe a stubborn person?

When you are unyielding and relentless, you are also tenacious. If you have a tenacious personality, you are not likely to give up on any task without a fight.


Which word is the antonym of prosaic?

If you are an artistic or creative person, your life is far from prosaic. To be prosaic means to be unimaginative and dull.


What would you call something that comes along, but doesn't last long?

Often used with describing more nomadic cultures, the word transient means that something comes along but doesn't stay. Yes, rain could be considered a transient event.


Fill in the blank: Generals are ___________ members of the military.

Generals are highly decorated and honored members of any branch of the military. It could be said that they are venerable.


Which word means overplayed?

When you love a song but you've heard it too many times, it has become hackneyed to you. Somethings just become too familiar after hearing or seeing them too many times.


Which word means the same as haughty?

We all know someone with a haughty attitude. They like to think they are arrogantly superior to everyone else, but we all know better.


What is it called when something cannot be stopped?

If something is inevitable, there's nothing you can do to stop it. Whether it's having to replace your tires or meeting your one and only true love, something in live simply cannot be controlled.


Which word is the opposite of jubilation?

If you are feeling jubilation, you are over-the-moon happy. Jubilation means possessing a feeling of extreme joy. You'll know the feeling well when you pass this test.


Fill in the blank: Her ________ nature means she knows things before they happen.

If you are an intuitive soul, you probably know how things are going to go down before they do. Intuitive people trust their instincts more than us less aware and insightful people.


Which word means the same old, same old?

Going through the motions of our work week can sometimes feel mundane. Unless we spice things up, the normal course of events can get quite dull and repetitive.


Which word means that you have a lot of admiration for someone?

If you hold someone in the highest of esteem, you have a lot of reverence for them. Your profound respect for them is what makes you think the world of them.


Fill in the blank: Medications come with side _________.

While the side effect of some medications are quite intense, using the wrong word is even worse. You are affected by illness, but NyQuil doses out some heavy effects.


Which word means considerate?

Being tactful means that you are considerate of the feelings of others. If you lack tact, you are the type that speaks without thinking.


What is the opposite of deleterious?

If something is harmful to living things, it is considered deleterious. Something that is deleterious has no plans beyond destruction.


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