Quiz: Test Your Knowledge Of U.S. State Nicknames With This Quiz!
Test Your Knowledge Of U.S. State Nicknames With This Quiz!
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: calvindexter/DigitalVision Vectors/gettyimages

About This Quiz

Everyone has heard of the Empire State Building, but a startlingly low number of people know it's called that because New York is known as the Empire State. Curiously enough, all American states have an official nickname by which they're known, usually one that is chosen to reflect something about the state's personality, history, or culture. There are states that are known for what is mined from their soil. There are states named for their weather, with a nod to the culture that this enables. There are states that are named for their most dazzling geographical features, from mountains to canyons to carvings.

A lot of people know a few of these nicknames. Typically, the Golden State and Empire State are the most familiar, mostly thanks to their high populations and thus their cultural impact, with a lot of movies set in each and a lot of visitors finding out about them. Other states' nicknames are more commonly known only to their residents, or to people from neighboring states. Some you could probably guess if you thought about it and know a little about what happens within the state's borders. Let's see how well you know these twenty carefully-chosen official state nicknames!

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