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NFL teams are businesses that sometimes relocate, causing consternation and uproar in cities across the U.S. How much do know about the NFL city shuffle? Take this quiz to find out.

In what year did Los Angeles lose two NFL franchises to relocation plans?

1995 was a devastating year for NFL fans in Los Angeles. Both the Rams and Raiders ditched town for greener pastures.


True or false: The first NFL franchise moves were very controversial.

In its early days, the NFL wasn't popular enough among local fans to cause any kind uproar at its relocation plans. Teams drifted from city to city without much consequence.


Why were multiple franchises merged in the 1940s?

With World War II raging around the globe, the NFL didn't have as many players available, so it merged teams to ensure that the games would continue.


In 1946, the Cleveland Rams moved to which city?

The Cleveland Rams made the westward move to Los Angeles, where for decades the Rams became a stable part of the sports culture.


In 1995, Los Angeles lost its Rams team to which location?

The Rams dug up their roots and headed all the way back east to St. Louis. Los Angeles, however, would eventually get the last laugh.


During the 1995 NFL season, Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell decided to move his team to which city?

The city of Cleveland sued to retain all rights to the Browns and won. Modell moved on to Baltimore and started an expansion team called the Ravens.


In 1960, St. Louis received its Cardinals football team from what city?

In 1960, the team was the Chicago Cardinals, which became the St. Louis Cardinals for more than two decades.


What city was the temporary home for the Houston Oilers in 1997?

The Oilers temporarily used facilities in Memphis before making their permanent move to Nashville, Tennessee, the following year.


What was the temporary name for the Houston Oilers during the year that they were in Memphis?

They were temporarily called the Tennessee Oilers. Upon their arrival in Nashville, they took their official name, Tennessee Titans.


There is talk that an NFL franchise may eventually wind up in which Canadian city?

Toronto is Canada's largest city, and the move would certainly help to burnish the NFL's international credibility.


Los Angeles is the second-largest media market in the country. For how many years was Los Angeles abandoned without a team?

It seems almost impossible that such a large football city could go two decades without a team. But that's exactly what happened with the Rams left Los Angeles.


In 1980, why did Oakland owner Al Davis decide to move the Raiders to Los Angeles?

Davis wanted to add more luxury boxes to the stadium, but the plan was denied. He was angry enough to consider moving the entire team.


When Oakland filed an injunction to stop the Raiders from leaving Oakland, how did Al Davis respond?

Rather than give up, Davis filed an antitrust suit against Oakland and eventually won, and he suddenly had the right to move his team to Los Angeles.


After abandoning St. Louis, where did the Cardinals team move?

The Cardinals zoomed southwest to Arizona, looking for warmer climes and bigger profits.


In 2015, the San Diego Chargers began preliminary steps to move to which city?

To the chagrin of Chargers fans, the team publicized its intent to move to Los Angeles. If it happens, they'd join the Rams in the Inglewood area of Los Angeles.


After shipping their Cardinals team off to Arizona, for how long was St. Louis bereft of an NFL team?

For seven long years, city officials enticed franchises to come to St. Louis. In 1995, the Los Angeles Rams answered the call, becoming the St. Louis Rams.


In what year did the Oakland Raiders abandon their city and move right down the street to Los Angeles, giving Los Angeles two NFL teams?

The move in 1982 devastated Oakland fans and left them pining for NFL love and jealous of their Los Angeles neighbors.


How many conference championships did the Cardinals win while in St. Louis?

For 27 years, the Cardinals tried (and failed) to win a conference championship. So maybe it was OK that they moved on.


After betraying their fans and moving to Los Angeles, how long did it take the Raiders to return to Oakland?

For 13 miserable seasons, Oakland fans had to watch their beloved team from afar. Finally, in 1995, the Raiders made their triumphant return.


Since starting play as the Arizona Cardinals in 2008, how many conference championships has the team won?

After leaving St. Louis, the Cardinals found immediate success, winning the conference title in 2008. The team has made the playoffs four times since the move.


In the early 1990s, why did Browns owner Art Modell suddenly begin losing millions of dollars in revenue?

Modell let the Indians baseball team leave his football venue, and there was a sudden loss of revenue. He decided to leave for Baltimore.


True or false: In terms of NFL rules, the Baltimore and Indianapolis Colts are essentially the same team.

The league addresses the matter of the Colts as if it was one continuous team from 1953 onward, in spite of the change of location.


Which European city is often regarded as a likely NFL franchise location?

The NFL has been softening up the European market for years, playing multiple games in London, where fans are beginning to embrace American football.


While the Rams were in St. Louis, how many times did the team make the Super Bowl?

The team made it to the Super Bowl three times and won once, thanks to the play of quarterback Kurt Warner.


True or false: Before moving back to Los Angeles, the Rams won their last game in St. Louis.

Fittingly, the Rams lost 19-16 in overtime to the San Francisco 49ers. It was (at least for now) the end of the NFL era in St. Louis.


In what year did the Baltimore Colts head to Indianapolis?

The Colts left Baltimore in 1984 and headed to Indianapolis. Baltimore sued to keep the team, but the legal effort failed.


What made the Baltimore to Indianapolis move so controversial?

The team up and left in the middle of the night without any sort of warning or announcement. The sneaky ploy scarred a generation of NFL fans.


How many moving trucks showed up in the middle of the night to haul the Colts' gear from Baltimore to Indianapolis?

Fifteen large moving trucks quickly loaded up and hit the highway. They took different routes out of town in the event that Baltimore authorities tried to stop them from fleeing.


In addition to Indianapolis, what other city did the Colts owner consider as part of the relocation plan?

Phoenix was the only other city he seriously considered, but Indianapolis made a better offer.


In what year did the Oakland Raiders begin exploring a possible return to Los Angeles?

The back-and-forth Raiders started looking at possible sites in Los Angeles in 2015. The Raiders may never find a permanent home.


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