Quiz: New Year's Celebrations Around the World
New Year's Celebrations Around the World
By: Bambi Turner
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Times Square seems like the center of the world on New Year's Eve, but it's just one of many fabulous celebrations taking place to usher in a new year. People across the globe have their own traditions for transitioning from one year to the next, and many of these routines are very different than the classic champagne and fireworks you're used to. From fine food to bizarre rituals and everything in between, check out these New Year's celebrations from around the world!

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What food is consumed at midnight on New Year's Eve in Spain?
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When did the first ball drop occur in Times Square?
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What object do Danes need to ensure luck in the new year?
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What food is considered a must for New Year's Eve celebrations in Austria, Cuba and Portugal?
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How many meals do people eat on New Year's Eve in Belarus?
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What can you do on New Year's to bring luck in Brazil?
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Where do people consume a cake called Vasilopita?
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What should you wear if you visit the Philippines over New Year's?
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Where do people celebrate Hogmanay?
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What's the traditional method for wishing friends good luck in Denmark during New Year's?
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You should never clean your plate in Estonia during a New Year's feast.
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What country celebrates Le Reveillon?
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What is a pfannkuchen?
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People in this country exchange gifts on January 1st to honor St. Basil.
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Where did "Auld Lang Syne" originate?
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What do people eat on New Year's Eve in Japan?
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What food is considered a New Year's Eve tradition in the southern U.S.?
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When is the Jewish New Year celebrated?
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What country ushers in the New Year with a festival called Songkran?
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What is another name for the Chinese New Year?
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What country celebrates Seollal?
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What animal is a traditional part of the Romanian New Year celebration?
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What is a muneco, when used in a New Year's celebration?
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Where is Diwali typically celebrated?
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Islamic New Year takes place in the summer.
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Where does the world's largest New Year's Eve celebration take place?
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What country hosts the world's largest fireworks display?
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How many people gather in Times Square for New Year's Eve?
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What attraction serves as a home base for New Year's fireworks displays over the Thames in London?
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Which country celebrates Tet to welcome the new year?
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