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Alcohol is often fun; it's also dangerous in the wrong circumstances. Do you know which things you should steer clear of when drinking alcohol? Take this quiz to find out.

Many fatal overdoses occur each year when people combine alcohol with which drug?

Your blood pressure may drop or you might simply stop breathing if you mix hydrocodone with alcohol.

Since 1999 how much have painkiller sales to hospitals, pharmacies and doctors' offices increased?

Painkiller sales have quadrupled. These drugs are not safe to combine with alcohol, yet many users do it anyway.

By what percentage does alcohol reduce the effectiveness of most antibiotics?

It doesn't reduce their effectiveness, but in high amounts it will wreak havoc on a body that is healing.

When combined with alcohol, which common drug can cause significant liver damage?

Also known as Tylenol, acetaminophen should never be used with alcohol.

You're more likely to engage in bizarre and dangerous behavior if you combine alcohol with which type of drug?

There's also a chance you'll never wake up if you combine alcohol with sleeping pills.

Why should you limit your alcohol intake when using a cholesterol-reduction drug?

Frequent heavy drinking with these drugs can cause liver damage with no outward symptoms.

Which organ is responsible for processing drugs like Xanax?

The liver is responsible. Alcohol competes for certain enzymes with anti-anxiety medications, slowing the rate at which your body processes both.

True or false: Alcohol interacts in volatile ways with all classes of antibiotics.

It doesn't react volatilely with all classes of antibiotics. This myth holds true mostly for metronidazole, tinidazole and sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim. But abstaining while you're sick is still solid advice.

If you drink while you're taking an ACE inhibitor, you may experience which side effect?

You may get low blood pressure, and in extreme circumstances you might even faint.

About what percentage of people who drink also take medications that may interact with alcohol?

About 42 percent of people do so. If you take medications, you should read their fine print before consuming alcoholic drinks.

Combined with alcohol, which activity can lead to unnoticed dehydration and death?

Hot tubbing and drinking is a common combination, but it can overtax your body's ability to regulate internal temperature, leading to severe consequences.

What percentage of prescription opioid drug users wind up addicted to their medications?

About 4 percent become addicted. They are more likely to abuse alcohol, too, and together those substances are hard on the body.

Which class of antidepressants can cause a spike in blood pressure when mixed with alcohol?

If you take an MAOI, you should ditch drinking altogether.

Drinking alcohol while taking an antipsychotic medication can do what?

Booze may actually amplify the psychotic problem.

Alcohol is associated with 70 percent of deaths that occur during which activity?

Swimming and alcohol simply do not safely mix.

In 2007 how many Americans died from prescription drug overdoses, often when combined with alcohol?

Twenty seven thousand people died from overdoses. In some areas the numbers of deaths from legal drug misuse or abuse is greater than those from car accidents.

In diabetics, alcohol can cause low blood sugar for how long after consumption?

It can cause low blood sugar a full day after consumption. This effect can make it harder to figure out how to manage your medications and lead to dangerous side effects.

You may feel drunk sooner if you are taking what drugs?

If you're on the pill, it's a good idea to closely monitor your alcohol intake, otherwise you might get drunker than you intended.

How many milligrams of caffeine were in the original formula for Four Loko, which was 12 percent alcohol?

It was more than three times as much as a Red Bull and caused terrible reactions in many consumers

Which drug, when combined with alcohol, may lead to irregular heartbeat?

Adderall can cause increased blood pressure and leaps in body temperature.

Alcohol may contribute to stomach bleeding when combined with which drugs?

Lowering your alcohol consumption is a good idea anytime you take drugs for pain, including ibuprofen.

How long does it take your body to process a narcotic such as oxycodone?

If you consume alcohol within that day, the two substances could interact in a bad way.

Why are supercaffeinated beverages like energy drinks dangerous when combined with alcohol?

The amped-up feeling wards off drowsiness and may cause you to consume hazardous levels of booze.

A 2008 study found that caffeinated alcoholic drinks caused people to be how intoxicated as compared to noncaffeinated alcoholic drinks?

Caffeinated alcoholic drinks cause three times as much intoxication as noncaffeinated drinks. You're less likely to notice you're drunk if you're full of caffeine.

According to one 2011 study, how many times more likely are you to wind up in intensive care if you combine Ambien and alcohol?

The drowsy effect of both substances makes it twice as likely that you'll hurt yourself.

What is an effect of combining red wine with Viagra?

There isn't an effect, but the red wine (or any alcohol) may be the reason a person needs Viagra in the first place.

About how long does it take your liver to process one drink?

That means you shouldn't take any alcohol-reactive medications in that 90 minutes.

Why is it dangerous to mix Adderall and alcohol?

Adderall masks alcohol's effects and can lead to alcohol poisoning.

Why can mixing alcohol and marijuana be dangerous?

The sedatives in both substances can lead to reckless behaviors.

According to a study by The Journal of the American Medical Association, riding a bike while drunk increases your chance of injury by what percentage?

It increase your chance of injury by 2,000 percent. That means when you've been drinking, your bike is only marginally safer than a car.

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