Quiz: The Ultimate 'Need for Speed' Franchise Quiz
The Ultimate 'Need for Speed' Franchise Quiz
By: Staff
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High-performance cars and elevated adrenaline define this video-game franchise. How much do you know about "Need for Speed"? Take this quiz to find out.

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A quote from an '80s action movie inspired the name of the "Need for Speed" series. Which movie was it?
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For which platform was the original game NOT released?
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In which year was the first edition of "Need for Speed" released?
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The "Underground" version introduced the game's fans to what?
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In "Need for Speed: The Run," racers zoom across America in hopes of winning how much cash?
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On which console did the franchise first appear?
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As a police officer, how did you "arrest" racers in "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2"?
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Which game began the trend of trading simulation for an arcade-style gaming experience?
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Roughly how many copies of the "Need for Speed" games have been sold worldwide?
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Until "Need for Speed: ProStreet," which version was the last in the series to feature cockpit view?
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"Need for Speed: High Stakes/Road Challenge" introduced which feature?
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The Jaguar XKR is featured in multiple "Need for Speed" games. When was it last manufactured?
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Drifting and dragging didn't appear until which edition of the game?
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Staff members of which car magazine helped design the handling of cars in the first "Need for Speed"?
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For the second "Need for Speed," game designers tapped which resource to maximize car realism?
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Which edition was the first to be released for PlayStation 3?
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In "Need for Speed: Most Wanted," the Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 suffers from what?
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From how many vehicles can you choose in "Shift 2: Unleashed"?
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What concept did "Need for Speed: Underground 2" introduce to the franchise?
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What reward do you receive if you max out your car's visual appearance in "Need for Speed: Underground 2"?
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Which edition of the game was available as a multiplayer game on Facebook?
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"Need for Speed: Most Wanted" has how many computer players on the blacklist?
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What version was released only for mobile devices?
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What is the top speed of the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor in "Need for Speed: World"?
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The version that was released in 2000 featured which brand of automobile?
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Which actor plays the lead role in the 2014 film adaptation of "Need for Speed"?
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Which edition of the game sold the greatest number of copies?
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As the game has evolved, courses have moved from various, real-world continents to what?
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