Quiz: Nazis On the Attack: The Blitz
Nazis On the Attack: The Blitz
By: Nathan Chandler
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Frustrated by a lack of progress during the Battle of Britain, Hitler resorted to terror bombing. How much do you know about the Blitz?

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At the beginning of Wolrd War II, what was the Blitz?
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Who called the ceaseless attacks "The Blitz"?
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When did the Blitz begin?
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Once the Blitz began, for how many consecutive nights did the Germans bomb London?
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How many British civilians died in The Blitz?
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Ultimately, what effect did The Blitz have on the ability of the British people to wage war against the Nazis?
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How did the Germans alter their strategy to counter the effectiveness of British fighters?
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On the first day of the Blitz, how many German bombers attacked London?
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On the first day of the Blitz, how many British citizens were killed?
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How many citizens may have been wounded during The Blitz?
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British anti-aircraft (AA) artillery was moderately effective against the first waves of the Blitz.
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How many homes were destroyed during The Blitz?
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About what percentage of British civilians stayed home during bombing raids?
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What areas served as vital communal shelters during air raids?
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The blackout rules for public lighting caused a surge in criminal activity.
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German bomber crews generally consisted of how many men?
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In 1940, British anti-aircraft artillery had a great impact on which group?
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As the Blitz began, the Germans saw civilians as legitimate targets.
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British psychiatric facilities were heavily used and created well-being and resolve among the populace during the Blitz.
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A Morrison shelter resembled what?
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How did the British try to divert German bombers from their targets?
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As the Blitz wore on, how did the attacks affect the British public's desire for peace negotiations?
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How many German aircraft were shot down during the Blitz?
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What was the purpose of the British "Blitz Scouts"?
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For British civilians, what was the most unpopular part of the Blitz and the war in general?
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