Quiz: Natural Gas vs Coal: Do You Know the Differences?
Natural Gas vs Coal: Do You Know the Differences?
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

We 21st-century humans live high-tech lives, and those many gadgets and tools require power ... and lots of it. As scientists continue to sound the alarm regarding global warming, more and more companies are looking for fuel sources that are cleaner and produces fewer greenhouse gases. In the United States, the coal and gas industries have been fighting to keep (or expand) their profits as our energy needs escalate. In this highly combustible quiz, what do you really know about coal and natural gas? You don't want to smoke around one, and you definitely don't want to wear your white shirt while digging the other, but there's a lot more to it!

Coal and natural gas have a lot of similarities, and their origins are much the same. But getting at these energy sources and then actually using them requires a lot of different technologies, many of which are subject to government oversight and regulation. Do you understand how companies harvest these vital commodities, and how they use them to produce electricity?

From mining to fracking, train transport to thousands of miles of pipelines, these two fuel sources have different consequences for producers and consumers alike. Get your engine running with this coal and natural quiz now!

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Which of the following is a fossil fuel?
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Which energy source accounts for about 40% of electricity production?
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Since 2008, coal-fired power generation has dropped by what percentage?
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Which fuel source is generally regarded as "cleaner" and more environmentally friendly?
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Which fossil fuel is cheaper for power generation?
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True or false, do more power plants use natural gas instead of coal?
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Which resource is greatly affected by "fracking"?
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How is natural gas transported?
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Which resource is largely deregulated?
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How do natural gas and coal affect global warming?
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Horizontal drilling has made which resource cheaper in recent years?
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Which energy source is more dependable in heavy electrical storms and severe weather?
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Which resource does California use for much of its electricity generation?
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Natural gas fracking has been linked to the deterioration of what?
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Compared with coal, natural gas produces how much less carbon dioxide?
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Many oil wells tap into natural gas as they pump oil. What do a lot of those wells do with the gas?
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Power plants need a lot of which resource to remove impurities from coal?
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Natural gas is mostly made up of what?
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Which resource leaves a byproduct called ash?
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In terms of pollution, one pound of methane is equal to about how many pounds of carbon dioxide?
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Compared with coal, gas-based power production releases how much less sulfur dioxide?
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What traps more heat, methane or carbon dioxide?
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The drilling and transportation of natural gas often results in the release of which substance?
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Landfills are a source of which resource?
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Hydrochloric acid is sometimes used to procure which resource?
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Earthquakes may be a result of our attempts to obtain which resource?
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True or false, is natural gas nearly as clean as solar or wind energy?
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Which problem may wind up making natural gas less attractive as a replacement for fuels like diesel?
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