Quiz: Native American Tribes
Native American Tribes
By: Nathan Chandler
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Native Americans are an incredibly diverse minority with a deep history in North America. How much do you know about Native American tribes?

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Where is the Chickasaw Nation located?
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Which tribe was NOT a part of the powerful Iroquois Confederacy?
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As of 2016, the U.S. federal government officially recognizes how many Native American tribes?
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The Ponca tribe was originally located in which area?
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The Chickasaw people are closely related to which other tribe?
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Which tribe has been called "People of the South Wind"?
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In the mid-1800s, the infamous Trail of Tears did NOT include the forcible removal of which tribe?
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How many battles did the Omaha Indians fight against U.S. military groups?
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The famous Native American known as Sitting Bull was part of which tribe?
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In the 1890s, a spiritual leader from which tribe ignited the Ghost Dance movement?
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Where would you find the Cayuga Nation?
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There are how many primary categories of Shoshone Indians?
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Which Native Americans have the largest tribe in the United States?
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The Muckleshoot tribe hails from which area?
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Which Native Americans served as "code talkers," who used their native language to encode messages during World War I?
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During colonial times, which of the following was not considered to be one of the five so-called Civilized Tribes?
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Which tribe adopted the label of "Unconquered People"?
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Which tribe was NOT part of the Iron Confederacy in the 18th century?
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The Nez Perce tribe has a reservation located in which state?
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During the American Civil War, with which side did the Seminole tribe tend to sympathize?
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The Arapaho tribes tradionally lived in which type of area?
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You would NOT find an official Kickapoo tribe in which state?
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What does Kiowa mean in native language?
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Cherokee Native Americans were originally from which part of the country?
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The U.S. government currently recognizes how many different Cheyenne tribes?
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Which tribe was forced to surrender to the U.S. military after the Battle of the Bear Paw Mountains?
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The Choctaw tribe currently has about how many members?
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Before being relocated, the Shawnee tribe was from which area?
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Which tribe defeated George Custer's battalion at the Battle of the Little Bighorn?
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Which Northern Plains tribe was the first to adopt horse culture?
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