Quiz: Napoleon: Emperor of France Quiz
Napoleon: Emperor of France Quiz
By: Isadora Teich
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Napoleon Bonaparte is, to this day, one of the most famous emperors and conquerors of all time. See if you can conquer this Napoleon quiz from HowStuffWorks!

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What was Napoleon's last name?
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What was the first country Napoleon overtook?
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Napoleon Bonaparte was famously:
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In what area did Napoleon achieve the most long-lasting influence on France?
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Which of these countries did Napoleon not invade?
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A failed invasion of which country led to Napoleon abdicating for the first time?
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Where was Napoleon sent during his first exile?
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What complex was named after the emperor and conqueror?
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How many times was Napoleon exiled?
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Which famous deaf composer wrote a symphony for Napoleon?
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What do some historians believe killed Napoleon?
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Where did Napoleon want to be buried?
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Did Napoleon ever marry?
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Did Napoleon ever have any children?
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Napoleon was raised:
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What did Napoleon famously sell to the United States?
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Which major Empire did Napoleon's military victories end?
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How old was Napoleon when he died?
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What is Napoleon also known by?
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How long did Napoleon's empire last?
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During which revolution did Napoleon begin to gain fame?
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Napoleon is largely considered:
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As well as an emperor and military strategist, Napoleon was also:
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Napoleon's army made which famous discovery?
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Napoleon was very liberal when it came to:
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When did Napoleon attempt suicide?
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In which American city was a house built for Napoleon?
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What was Napoleon's nationality?
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How did the Russians beat Napoleon's troops?
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Napoleon was arrested for:
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