Quiz: Name the Price: Gadgets
Name the Price: Gadgets
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

We've picked some products for the serious gadget geeks and everyone in between ... can you guess how much these gadgets cost?

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Pioneer AVH6000DVD in-car six-DVD changer
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Sony PSP Go handheld gaming system: half the size of the PSP 1000, with built-in Bluetooth and digitally downloaded games
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Nintendo DSi handheld gaming system: a little thinner than the DS Lite, and has two cameras
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Numark TTI turntable: takes vinyl records and turns them into digital files
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Phonofone II iPod speakers: use "passive amplification" instead of an outside power source or batteries
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Western Digital 4TB external hard drive: That's TERAbyte.
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Logitech Harmony One universal remote: LCD touch screen, Web programmable
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Panasonic TC-P50G10 50-inch plasma TV
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Sony Vaio P netbook: 8 inches, 1.4 pounds
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Rocky Balboa Crunching USB drive: a tiny Italian Stallion (or Apollo Creed or Clubber Lang) with a USB port coming out of his … nether regions
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