Quiz: Name the Price: Cell Phones
Name the Price: Cell Phones
By: Staff
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Most people wouldn't be caught dead without a cell phone, and just about all of them can fit into the palm of your hand. But have you ever dreamed about a phone that's more special -- and how much it would cost?

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The Vertu Signature Cobra: adorned with a snake made from 439 rubies. Yes, a ruby snake.
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The iPhone 3G
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The iPhone 3G S: The newest version from Apple is supposedly twice as fast as the original and has double the memory.
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The Palm Pre Smartphone
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The MERIDIIST: Watchmaker Tag Heuer's first cell phone features "exclusive design for one-of-a kind personality integrating watch-inspired features."
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The Samsung Solar Guru E1107: the first solar-powered cell phone
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The Motorola R1 AURA: has a 16 million-color display and apparently takes two weeks to manufacture
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The Nokia 8800 Arte Pink: 18K gold, covered in pink and white diamonds
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The Knalihs Athem BlackBerry Bold Limited Diamond Edition: Customized with pink, yellow, black, champagne or white diamonds -- and the back of the phone can feature leather, crocodile, snakeskin or denim.
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The Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari phone: titanium case, leather details and authentic Ferrari-engine ring tones
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